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Maintenance Notes

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Ello Players! Servers are down for maintenance so here is the scoop on what you'll find has changed or been added to your server.

All Servers:


  • Cash Shop items! Can view the available ones on this thread: Click me to see the pictures!
    • Eir's items have been adjusted to +5 all stats. Thor will get costume versions as per usual.
  • New wedding npc!


  • Treasure Basket - Adjusted to drop food items at a low percentage. (These food items also have no zeny value at the npc) #362




  • Newer Aura-Type Cash Shop items get recolours! (they will get added to the recolour meowster later on)
  • A repair feature has been added to the MVP Protector in all MVP rooms on Loki. Feature Request #389
  • Various cards added to vip monsters.
  • Wolfchev weapons drops are now tradeable but bind on equip.


  • Added newer donation items to the restrictions list for "nondonate" areas. Meaning no more being able to wear various donations into non-donation areas.#376
  • Event Bell Ribbon's effects have be fixed to only work while the item is equipped (again)
  • When using a Taekwon class character in BG you will no longer get stuck if you run into a stone for Stone Control. It will immediately stop your skill as if you had cancelled it yourself.#361
  • RDC Rewards Officer now allows you to buy in multiples instead of 1 by 1 like before. Feature Requests #108 & #167
  • Triple Inferno has had it's chance to pop up lowered to accommodate those that dislike the match type. Feature Request #373
  • Novice Angra Manyu Removed from areas that normal Angra Manyu cannot be used.




  • Ljosalfar costume now has the proper view id. #384
  • Flash Combo damage fixed #382
  • Pile Bunker [0] should now be working as intended.#374




  • Cstorage npc has been added to Prontera!! =3
  • New items in the Cash Shop. Their stats have been adjusted to match the normal +5 all stats for middle gears.



  • Soul Linker's Kaupe no longer has Loki's stats. It now only blocks 1 hit as it should.
  • Blessing/ Increase Agility no longer give others +20 all stats while giving self +10. It now only gives +10 as it should.
  • Clown NPC is no longer clowning around. Working as it should now. #346
  • Healer no longer gives buffs. Feature Request #338


  • Did a re-haul on Eir's Item Database. Loki stat donation items have been removed from Eir's item database entirely. (Why were these in there...)
    • ^ Means if you had an item with stats for Loki and didn't turn yourself in before... well, you're going to be sol on trying to recover it.



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[Loki Only]

Forgot to add some things~  New pets in the premium pet shop npc in go 16

Honeycam 2017-07-24 21-59-48.gif Lilith : 3% non-stackable resistance to Holy Element.  [Loyal Effect]: 3% more damage with Holy elemental attacks and magic.


Honeycam 2017-07-24 22-01-01.gif Siren: 3% non-stackable resistance to the water element.     [Loyal Effect] 3% more damage done with Water elemental attacks.


Honeycam 2017-07-24 22-00-22.gif Hera: 3% non-stackable resistance to the Dark element.   [Loyal Effect] 3% more damage done with Dark elemental attacks and magic



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