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Sneak Peak & New Donations

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A few days ago we released some new cards, a shield and some new donation items into Loki. So far the donation items are only available on the website cash shop: www.rebirthro.com/cash-shop  Please visit it often to check if there are new things available =3

VIP Dungeon has received monster cards! [Loki only]

  • Alvilda Card: Equips on Headgear
    • If Base Vit >= 110 and the player is wearing Elemental Shield, this card grants immunity to the Burning Status.
  • Peter Easton Card: Equips on Headgear
    • If Base Vit >= 110 and the player is wearing Elemental Shield, this card grants immunity to the Cold Status.
  • Enrique Brower Card: Equips on Accessory
    • Grants use of the skill OverCharge level 3.
  • George Booth Card: Equips on Garment
    • Flee +10.
      If Base Agi >= 60, Attack Speed +2%.
      If Base Int >= 80, Max HP +3%.
      If Base Dex >= 80, Critical Damage +3%.
  • John Bowen Card: Equips on Shoes
    • Increases damage dealt to the Poison Property by 10%.
  • Lawrence Prince Card: Equips on Armour
    • Flee -50.
      Adds a small chance to cast Wide Stone when receiving damage.
  • Thomas Anstis Card: Equips on Shield
    • Increases Resistance to the Demon Race by 20%.
      Increases damage to the Demon Race by 5%.
  • Grace O'Malley Card: Equips on Weapon
    • Atk +50.
      Critical Damage +10%.
  • Henry Morgan Card: Equips on Armour
    • Grants immunity to Freeze.
      [All Classes Except Magician]
               When recieving damage, there is a chance to autocast Deluge on yourself.
      [Magician Class]
               When recieving damage, adds a chance to cast Tarot Card of Fate on the enemy.

Vip Equip (maybe more in future) [Loki only]

  • Elemental Shield:
    • Adds 20% resistance to Water Fire, Undead and Shadow property attacks.
      MDEF +5
      Adds 50% resistance to the Burning and Cold statuses.
      [Combo Bonus]
               When equipped with Alvilda Card and 110 Base Vit you will gain immunity to the Burning status.
               When equipped with Peter Easton Card and 110 Base Vit you will gain immunity to the Cold status.



New Cash Shop Items:

Bouncing Balls:

Honeycam 2017-07-14 01-21-42.gif

  • [Loki]: 4 Slots
       All stats +25.
        [SuperNovice, Super Baby]
             Increases Damage with Ranged attacks by 3%.
    [Eir]: 2 Slots
       All stats +5.


Meteor Storm:

Honeycam 2017-07-14 01-26-19.gif

  • [Loki] 4 Slots
       All stats +25.
       Decreases After-Cast Delay from Meteor Storm, Fire Bolt, and Fire Ball by a small amount.
    [Eir]: 2 Slots
        All stats +5.


Sweet Tooth Ring:

Honeycam 2017-07-14 01-28-23.gif

  • [Loki] 4 Slots
        All stats +25.
        Increases Movement Speed by 25%.
    [Eir]: 2 Slots
        All stats +5.


Flock of Bats:

Honeycam 2017-07-14 01-24-21.gif

  • [Loki]: 4 Slots
        All stats +25.
        Adds a 1% chance to inflict the Blind status when physically attacking an enemy.
    [Eir]: 2 Slots
        All stats +5.


More things to come at maintenance =3


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