New Wedding NPC!

Big Dumb Object
By Big Dumb Object in News,
A new wedding NPC is now available on Loki (Thor and Eir after maintenance). Since the old one kept breaking I decided to make a new one that is significantly better. Here are the changes... Weddings are now held in an instance As the weddings are held in an instance, multiple weddings can take place at once (no more waiting!) You can PM Server "wedding" to get to the NPCs quickly. Wedding Planner - start a wedding Wedding Usher - attend a wedding There are multiple locations available, more to come soon! Prontera Church Jawaii Heart Hugel Church (outside) Lutie Cathedral Amatsu Cherry Tree Currently, there is only 1 ceremony type, but we'll be adding more later for different religions/customs/languages. Same sex marriage is allowed. The wedding ceremony does not start until you tell it too. This gives your friends plenty of time to show up! You no longer need the ring and other materials. It's now pure Zeny. The cost varies with the cheapest ceremony costing 15mil (10mil for Prontera Church and 5mil for a basic ceremony, the cost is based on map size). The server wide broadcast is optional. If selected it costs 5mil. You must say "I do" for the Standard ceremony (and likely other ceremonies too). You must trade the rings for the ceremony If you are disconnected during the ceremony it will pause. When you return click the NPC again to resume. Hope you enjoy it!
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