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GM Applications [Eir]

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Ello Eir!

It is time to post your GM applications! Think you're tough enough to deal with your community on a whole 'nother level? This is where you apply!

Being a GM is not all it's cracked up to be, just as this application will show. GMs are hard at work everyday to give a more enriched experience to it's players. There will be time for fun and games, but only after the work is done. (And there's plenty of it, trust me)

The application process will take some time to complete, so take your time, you only get one!

Deadline for applications to be turned in is Tuesday, May 30th, at 12:00 am (Server time). This gives you a total of 14 days.

When filling out your applications, remember that professionalism is a large part of being a staff member, and your application needs to reflect this.


****All applications must be double-spaced and in 12pt Times New Roman font. If they do not follow this they will be ignored.****


All applications need to be sent to [email protected] with "Hello GM's Here's my application![Eir]" in the subject line.

Applications will be reviewed only AFTER the deadline.

Applying to the help desk to ask about your application will immediately disqualify you from your application process.


Alright! Down to the application!



First Topic: Tell us about yourself!

The following information is needed as the first paragraph in your application:



Real Name:


Character Name:

Country and Time Zone:

Activity Level: (How many hours per day, roughly, you are active)

How long on the server:

Native Language:

Secondary Language(s):

Any disciplinary actions against your account? (Yes/no answer)

If yes, please explain.

Past GM experience:

Scripting/Coding Knowledge: (if you have zero knowledge of scripting or coding, this will absolutely *NOT* disqualify you)



Second Topic! Application Questions!

Application questions have to be completed in full sentences. The length of the reply is up to you, but remember, professionalism.



Question #1:

What do you think the responsibilities of a GM are? Do you feel you can properly fulfill these needs?


Question #2:

Why do you want to be a GM?


Question #3:

What do you feel you can bring to the GM team? What unique qualities separate you from our other applicants?


Question #4:

If you could change one thing on RebirthRO Eir, what would it be, and why?


Question #5:

Why do you enjoy playing on Eir? What is most entertaining for you?


Question #6:

Do you consider yourself a people person? Why do you think this of yourself?



Third and final topic! THE ESSAY QUESTION!

The essay question is the final portion of the application. Minimum 50 words.



You recall a player for the help desk. He is absolutely furious. He donated 150 euros, puchased dynas and other equipment from the web cash shop and hasn't gotten his items. The web cash shop is for Loki items only. He's been in the help desk for a week, and no one has responded to him. He begins furiously verbally assaulting you. Telling you "You GM's never do your job!" and "I donated my hard earned Euros, and I WANT MY ITEMS!" You attempt to contact a GM of higher authority, to no avail. He's sitting in your help desk awaiting your response. How will you handle this player?


Anything else you feel will add to the quality of your application, you can post on the bottom.


We will be looking forward to your applications!


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This was done and yet I see no GM for Eir particularly. What are the results from all this?


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