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GM Weddings are now open~!

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Hello out there~!

We have now officially opened the GM weddings back up for hosting!

For those of you who have been around, you probably know how this works. For those who don't, here's a general synopsis of how these work:


Required information for  Registration:

#1. Groom's Name and Bride's Name

#2: Groom's Monster Disguise/Size if applicable [Monster ID] and Bride's Monster Disguise/Size if applicable [Monster ID]

#3: Date and Time of Wedding [This is the time the wedding will start.]

  • use @time to relay the time of wedding in server time.
  • You will have to be logged in 30 to 45 minutes early so the GM can prepare your wedding.
  • Also provide a 2nd wedding date and time in case the 1st one is not possible.

#4: Preferred Location [Please provide a map name and coordinates. Example: xmas (50, 50)]

#5: MvP Spawns if applicable. [Monster ID]

#6: Is this a public or private wedding?

#7: Preferred GM to host wedding. This is not a guaranteed request.

  • Please provide 2-3 GM's as backup.

#8: Free features you would like added to your wedding:

  •  Featured Players list (can be disguised as long as a monster ID and player name is provided ahead of time)
  • Effects during wedding (Cherry Blossoms, Clouds, etc)
  • PvP after wedding?
  • MVP spawns with no drops are optional.


Information to know:

-The cost of a GM hosted wedding is 1,500 Premium Points (15x 100 point coin). Limited Premium Points are not allowed to be used. Payment must be paid 30 minutes to an hour before the wedding starts, 1,000 of these Premium Points are to be used to sponsor floating rates, with the Bride and Grooms name as the hosts.

- MVP spawns without drops are done at no charge, these can be any MVP in the game. If you would like drops, use the add on scale below. There will be no mixing of "no drop" and "drops" monsters. It will be one or the other.

-If you do not fill out a section on the registration area, we will fill it in for you. (Location, Preferred GM, etc)

-If you have submitted a GM wedding request, please sign up to the GM Help desk in game and let a GM know. If the GM that answers your help desk isn't your requested GM, they will relay the message to them for you. Please only sign up ONE time, and talk to a GM ONE time. Signing up multiple times for updates will result in a Help desk abuse disciplinary action. We will contact your via Forums after your help desk.

-You absolutely have to give at least 1 week notice in advance before the date of your wedding. This is a small convenience for the GM's.

-When posting your Wedding application, please title your application "My GM Wedding is here~!" in the header so we know you read this thoroughly.

-We need an exact time and date. For example: "1/1/17 at between 3 and 12 server time" will be rejected.

-Your wedding application can and will expire if we do not hear from you after a prolonged period, we reserve the right to cancel you're application.

-You are forbidden to participate in PvP while disguised. If you are caught participating in PvP while disguised you will be undisguised, and further punished. Reason being is that you have an unfair advantage over other players while in disguise.

-If you are to change your wedding date/time, you are required to notify a GM ASAP. This may push your wedding date back, keep this in mind.

-If you have any type of issue that causes you to disappear during your wedding. (computer failure, real life event) please reach out to the GM and let us know. Contact a friend to contact us, or the GM directly, to inform us. If you disappear and do not show back up during your wedding, and you did not contact the hosting GM, there will be no refund on your Premium Points.

-Last but not least, we reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit at any time.



Addons can be done, optionally, for an additional fee. Again, these are optional and not mandatory to have a GM wedding.



You can add an event at the end of the wedding, but before the floating rates. Here is the list of options.


Death by dice, Automated: 100 Premium Points

Poring Hide and Seek, Automated: 100 Premium Points

Zombies ate my novice, Automated: 200 Premium Points

Poring Punch, Automated: 200 Premium Points

Porktastic! Automated: 300 Premium Points

Poring Exp event, Automated: 600 Premium Points

Random Event chosen by NPC: 200 Premium Points

GM Hosted Hide and Seek:  100 Premium Points per round. (Maximum rounds assigned by hosting GM)

GM Hosted Guess the Password: 100 Premium Points per round. (Maximum rounds assigned by hosting GM)

GM Hosted Live by dice: 100 Premium Points per round. (Maximum rounds assigned by hosting GM)

GM Hosted The Fox: 400 Premium Points (Limited to 1 round)

GM Spawning of a Hollowring: 1,000 Premium Points (Limited to 1 round)


MVP Spawning (with drops):

MVP spawning with drops are done by the GM for all to kill. their fees are as follows:


MVP room spawns: 5 Premium Points per spawn. (Your choice for spawns, No limit)

Lower Tier Bloody Branch Spawns: 15 Premium Points (Your choice for spawns, 25 limit)

Higher Tier Bloody Branch Spawns: 25 Premium Points (Your choice for spawns, 16 limit)

HoA, Glast from the Past, Itty Bitty Poring City, etc: Not Available, don't ask.

List of Lower Tier Bloody Branch Spawns:

Amon Ra, Atroce, Detale, Dracula, Fallen Bishop, Kiel, Ktullanux, Lady Tanee, RSX 0806, Vesper, Bacsojin, Evil Snake Lord.

List of Higher Tier Bloody Branch Spawns:

Gloom Under Light, Golden Thief Bug, Ifrit, Nidhoggr's Shadow, Tao Gunka, Memory of Thanatos, General Egnigem Cenia.


Any questions about this post can be directed to the GM Helpdesk.

Apply for your wedding here: 

Make your GM Weddings count, We do not offer GM Divorces, GM Attorney services, or GM Hitmen to deal with said spouse. Sorry for this inconvenience.





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