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Big Dumb Object

Quick Maintenance

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The server crashed so I did a quick maintenance and pulled the latest fixes for Loki. Thor will get these during the next proper maintenance.

  • Attack penalty on Stalkers Double Strafing removed.
  • Additional damage penalty on Stalkers Chase Walk removed.
  • Alternate Clothes sprites now stack with VIP magic baby option (enable VIP magic#baby then put the clothes on to be a baby alt sprite)
  • Castle Economy gain reduced (+1 every 15 minutes, was +1 every 6 minutes).
  • Alternate Clothes now have dyes.
  • Throe Voice (Lyrica Hat) adjusted (fixes #188)
  • Safety Wall no longer makes the attacker receive reflect damage (fixes #115)
  • Acid Demonstration is no longer affected by Archer Skel, Heroic Backpack, etc (fixes #221)
  • Gold Soles now works as intended (fixes #211)
  • Elemental Converter effects are now lost when changing weapons (fixes #228 & #73)
  • Venom Dust now works correctly (fixes #199 & #193)
  • Alternate Sprites now work correctly (fixes #243)
  • Sealed Stardust Blade now works correctly (fixes #236)
  • Old Card Albums can be sold on the market again (fixes #244)
  • Notoriety MVPs are now boss types (fixes #86)
  • Roundhouse now works correctly (fixes #133)
  • Soul Strike now works correctly (fixes #135)
  • Shadow of The Raven now works correctly (fixes #149)
  • Dyna Third no longer will turn you into third upon relogging when it is disabled (fixes #63)
  • Guarana Candy now works properly (fixes #203)
  • Soul Linker Es-type skills now work correctly (fixes #127)
  • @gstorage now works correctly (fixes #51)
  • Blind Sphere now works correctly (fixes #218)

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