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Selling This and That

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  • 1x +8 Edward Teach's Hardened Steel Shotgun
  • 1x +8 Snazzy Seahorse's Cashmere Hood
  • Demon Skin, 2m each
  • Soft Wool, 2m each
  • Hardened Steel, 20 for 1c
  • Queen's Bells 10m each, 6 for 1c
  • Shell of the Sewer Bug King 10m each, 6 for 1c
  • Orc Champion Helm 10m each, 6 for 1c
  • 137x Valkyrja's Shield
  • 73x Wand of Occult
  • +10 Ice Pick [1]
  • 2000+ Acid Bottle 5k each


  • Biolab 4 cards
  • Bangungot Card


Mail Microtransaction for offers.

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