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  1. The Temporal Boots are special pairs of footgear crafted using materials collected in the Old Glast Heim memorial dungeon (OGH). The plain boots can be used as a poor man's Variant Shoes, but their true strength can be brought out with its elaborate system of upgrades and enchant. They are also part of a combo with Faceworm Skins. Every 3 refinement level of tempSTATboots gives special effect, for instance, in the case of temporalDEXboots : For every 3 refinements, Max HP +300, Max SP +10, and DEX +3. Therefore, people tend to refine tempSTATboots to +6/+9/+12/etc. In order to craft +6/+9/+12 tempSTATboots, one can do this following steps : 1. Gather amount of temporal crystals from OGH instance. Bring several characters into one OGH run, so you can earn more temporal crystal. 2. Talk to Rupika. Exchange temporal crystal to temporal boot. 3. Refine temporal boot(s) until it has desired refinement level Thor's refinement system, read here 4. Talk to Arugoru. Upgrade your refined temporal boot to tempSTATboots (it cost temporal crystals) Note: you may not bring another tempSTATboots/temporal boots in your inventory. He will reject you. Only bring 1 boot. Addition : 5. Adding slot. The slot is needed to slot a card into your tempSTATboots. Talk to Arugoru, add the slot. 6. Enchanting. Enchant gives your boot extra power. Guide to enchant is here . Talk to Rufaku, enchant. You are going to need a lot of coagulated spells. Info : Current price. Temp crystal 1M. Coagulated spell 300K. Images and source are taken from: http://irowiki.org/wiki/ https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki