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  1. 10c hbp if interested
  2. Paladin is an easy class to farm off monsters but takes too much time. If you can, try maxing a sniper class first since it is the best class to start off this ragnarok game. You can still stick to paladin and first get cedi gears which will probably take some time considering paladins aren't that usefull in cedi runs. Take advantage of eden daily rewards(free shiz). Phone at 1% goodluck
  3. Offer
  4. bump
  5. up now selling
  6. Can I sell my league account?
  7. I think you're just having a bad luck. I normally go to anthell lv1 and farm them there. You have to @alootid the item, it doesnt go directly to the character
  8. Turn this to a real hot grill.
  9. FRG Primo
  10. Bg costumes.
  11. Don't want to go deep on info so I'll make it straight forward - S>$20 Blizzard gift card for 30c- sold H E R B A L How it will work 1. Trade me 30c 2. I'll give you the Blizzard code 3. Done My only character that I will be using is "Lee Sin"(L and S), so no other transactions with other character names.
  12. Ggez . MANNY TAKE MY ENERGY 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
  13. Ding ding ding.