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  1. Do you mean 100 point coin? Most people sell them in chat rather than vend. Current price for them are ~50m
  2. Hard to calculate but it depends on your attack if using fabled sword.
  3. up
  4. hump
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  8. SRT+10 40mea?
  9. Move to suggestion
  10. Buying Melanis Enchantments Bullish Spirit dropped by Bullish Orc Eye of Lion dropped by Rhyos Other SRT+9 40mea SRT+10 45mea SRT Boxes 4c+15mea Lresist5 6c Dragon leather suit/cloak+10 1c ea Winged Cardigan+10 LBO
  11. 10c hbp if interested
  12. Paladin is an easy class to farm off monsters but takes too much time. If you can, try maxing a sniper class first since it is the best class to start off this ragnarok game. You can still stick to paladin and first get cedi gears which will probably take some time considering paladins aren't that usefull in cedi runs. Take advantage of eden daily rewards(free shiz). Phone at 1% goodluck
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  15. up now selling