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  1. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Classes ~here are the quests.. pick the job that suits you
  2. ~you mean almost everyone is there at payon, but no one responds coz they're all auto vending? welcome back !
  3. ~whoever did this and these, hope you're happy.. if not, make more alts and spam down reps everyday. these so called "Popular Contributors", do they even contribute that much to reach that high reps? the top 1 doesn't even have any content counts on other threads, yet it reached 1.6k why is it that when my reps is increased to 10, the following day, 20 up will be reduced. i'm tired of returning my reps to its original count. seems like you won your game huh? (edited) i change my mind.. i wont leave anymore.. thanks for the convincing words "P"
  4. ~i agree with this too.. you can farm pieces of paradise 5-10 pcs per day depending on the available quests. Bounty Hunting (**) only requires you to kill 3 cata mobs and you get 4pcs of paradise.. the problem is, i think, only a few players knows about Eden Sets and its benefits.. i think it is only available here on RRO? and new players didn't know about those sets and how to use them properly
  5. ~welcome to RRO
  6. ~thank you misale +1
  7. ^(pro) hihihihi
  8. ~yeah, i suggest farming with a sniper too switch between holy and shadow arrows when you are farming on thana for good damage output goodluck !!
  9. ~i think what you meant is Coppola [2] and i dont suggest Tao Gunka for WOE.. tao is only good at PVP Doom (in my opinion only) i suggest you equip an antifreeze or you cannot do anything when you enter a large fight with lots of wiz doing SGs will be following this post too, i hope PROs give their opinions on tank gears (IM NEWB)
  10. ~Wyvern Wings costs 25c on Web Cash Shop tho.. Web cash shop sells OP than the original price
  11. ~what is your fckin problem? spamming down reps?

    dont you have anything to do but to reduce people's reputations?

    make yourself useful and just help players who needs assistance,

    not by being a USELESS PERSON and spam down reps.


  12. ~Loki has costume sprites that will make you look like a Rune Knight. cant use the skills of Rune Knights tho. just sprite. . Thor has third jobs if you like. but only a few people plays on that server
  13. ~only up to Lord Knight sir.. there are no third jobs on Loki
  14. ~will be following this too ^
  15. ~try cata (bio lab basement 1).. just hit from afar.. dont tank or you'll die thats the best map to level up until 255/120 (max base/job level)