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  1. ~ @George @H E R B A L, those spinning heads on your sprites freaks me a bit.. PROs
  2. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Valentine's_Event_2017 ~this guide isnt that accurate but hope this helps. i'll edit some of it once in a while 1. Start off at Prontera. Talk to Cupid (156 181) and offer to help. He will give you 10 Valentine Chocolates (once per day per IP address) 2. Warp at Jawaii and look for James (135 209). Play Rock Paper Scissors and hope to get lucky and receive Valentine Letters (3pcs max) 3. Once you get a letter, check the NPC's Town location and deliver the letter. You will be rewarded with 3 Valentine Goodie Bag and has a chance to win these items: (will be posting later :p)
  3. ~ooooh. thank you for adding those items guys.. great help.. thank you thank you
  4. ~reposting this here for melanis items
  5. ~welcome back
  6. ~is this it? or you'rs had different items? http://bugs.rebirthro.com/tracker/issues/205
  7. ~hope you get your creds soon
  8. ~hello
  9. ~what they all said ^^ thanks @Phoenix
  10. fox ears

    ~ i dont know if this is allowed here but. . . B> Fox Ears Ribbon too (thanks for the guide btw)
  11. ~welcome back !!
  12. ~if you're a super fast switcher, you can switch to crit build instead of DS then zerk when low at HP.. but i think it is hard (for me) to do
  13. ~ i seldom play.. buzy irl
  14. ~oooh, pro gears.. lemme copy some of that.. lol.. well, here are some of my "suggestions" (im newb) ~oh, and try to make your overall dex divisible by 10 (example: 248 + 82 or 253 + 87) with full gears and buffs on for extra damage
  15. B> PWC 150c