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  1. Oh god, prolly a bug? I remember getting mvp pops when I killed Necromancers in Endless Tower. But that was long ago and fixed. How about try mirroring the things you've done with your party and take a video of it? This is interesting EASIER explanation that what ive said. haha!
  2. They probably damaged a boss monster and left it in a % that would still make them MVP. So upon killing that boss monster (regardless who did the killing blow), the mvp pop sign will pop on his head as long as hes in the same map. On second note, I maybe wrong. I noticed you play in thor
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  6. Thankyou for the replies Hoy and Mimi, well appreciated
  7. Good day to you Mimi, Im interested in buying your +10 HS Parts. Please do contact me once youve seen this. Thankyou so much
  8. Bump added BCAs for selling!
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  10. BUMPING <3
  11. Bump Revived, now buying +10 HS Set and +10 Dragon Leather head shoulders and shoes
  12. Haha change your title so people would know that this is a shop
  13. yeah does make sense, but still. Whyyyyy, I did runs yesterday before sleeping, and yes. Still no bows for me x__x will do more later and find out dun dun dun Thankyou btw for answering!
  14. i wouldnt really agree with "badluck" on this though. I have never missed a single run, and never failed. For more than 2 months, not even 1 goblin bow drop. So yes, This is far beyond bad luck. 2 months is = 8 weeks = 80 runs = no goblin bow. I literally wont accept "badluck". Unless they give me proof that it drops. So yes <3 thankyou though! I do hope its really just bad luck, let me try my runs today Edit: Forgot to mention, Also used some RDC Tags, and yes, still no bows.
  15. I've seen you online last time though Or that wasnt you? Hope you get this issue fixed fast! God Speed Sther