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  1. BUMP!!!!
  2. give me an offer I'll have to pass on this one. Its harder to sell by parts give me an offer BTW!!!! LKC SOLD TO xSERA!
  3. Really? Ok then, must be my delusion. Been out for so long
  4. Crit completely ignores flee and PD. So I guess the answer to your question is no? Im not sure since i never hunted This MVP monster
  5. thankyou for offering! A/S is 100!
  6. Who doesnt right?
  7. This is FUN <3
  8. Sold both to You Jeez for 18c both BUMP!
  9. Yes, ofcourse, how much do you want them?
  10. Bump
  11. Sold to you Magus Enjoy the ESL
  12. You have my yes. Mel invite him! He will be my replacement
  13. BUMP UP
  14. how much are you buying VR