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  1. Sold my credits to Lee Sin Bump
  2. BUMP
  4. Bump!! Im willing to negotiate on prices. Pm me~~
  5. bump~
  6. lol sorry about that, my computer crashed X_X Let me know when you wanna make another trade buddy. I got 60c and a OKC(120c-140c value) to trade for blizzard points Have a wonderful vacation, i'll talk to ya in August~
  7. also, willing to trade OKC for 5 $20 blizzard gift cards. I have plenty of creds, too, though.
  8. haihaihai i'll do the trade friendo, im free all weekend hit mt up asap
  9. PM me here would be the best way to contact me, i'm able to make trades in game (loki server) weekends and weekdays past 8pm (Eastern standard time US and Canada). I have much more if you're looking for something PM me i might be able to hook you up. Offers end mid August. 25c = 1x $20 Blizzard gift card code 60c = 2x $20 Blizzard gift card codes sold to Lee Sin GTB = 1x $20 Blizzard gift card code Fable = 2x $20 Blizzard gift card codes Hypa = 3x $20 Blizzard gift card codes LKC/OKC/GEC/ and more = offer +9 Spec Bow [2x GMC/Samurai Spector/Daehyon] = offer +10 compound bow [3x white smith] +10 compound bow [4x SKC] = offer +10 tidal w/ ring mail [GEC] = offer [+10 DEX] fire armor [gloom] = offer
  10. Nice guide! +1
  11. O-o; Um, the only SG that seems to kill people, is bambino and he's a cool guy. Why nurf such an underplayed class? Its sounds more like that you cannot deal with thanatos card.
  12. spammed to zero

    I pay 900z ea for white herbs, i think that's pretty fair. Although i could be wrong, how much do rankers buy white herbs at? I don't use blue herbs, and i was consistently buying them for 500z. i legit thought she was fucking with me. I stand down, though. I'm done on these forums.
  13. spammed to zero

    I honestly didn't know that was the price, and i admit being a jerk. Sorry all, I guess i'm just a pussy. gg tho
  14. I am bud, i'll message you in game.
  15. spammed to zero

    Well, all it took was three friends to down vote my reputation down to zero. Could we please make it so you can only get only one rep vote a day instead of twenty? Twenty is already too spammy and it would make it so people couldnt destroy your rep in a day. I could make a few accounts and down vote all their reputation into the negatives. But an eye for an eye makes everyone blind. Im not asking for special treatment, it'll just get rid of those down voters because I refused to be bullied into selling my blue herbs. -_-;