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  1. Hi guys. I also am having a problem with the Web Storage System. Don't get me wrong. I love the concept but it's technically not working properly as it was introduced. I was trying to transfer some weapons for upgrading attempts starting with Orcish Sword [0] but this red bubble on my lower right screen appeared: I did refreshed the web storage and tried again; didn't work. Refreshed both web storage and inventory; didn't work. Refreshed the page; didn't work. I got worried that the items are disappearing so I checked by logging on the old storage: Thankfully the items weren't gone for good. I just transferred the items using the old web storage just to continue what I was doing. Web Storage 2.0 should be fixed. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this (in that case I'm doing something wrong. Please tell me if so.) but together with the "untransferable items" from the Web Storage 2.0 (untransferable items from YOUR inventory are items the character is wearing), and this item transfer error should be dealt with. *If there are anything that I've said is wrong or needs to be corrected, please do tell me. I encourage comments both positive and negative. SUGGESTION: Access with the Account storage would also be awesome you know I also love the idea of stackable weapons and equipments Thanks ^^,)