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  1. The sale of the day items didn't change for 2 days now .. just Sayin
  2. Indeed ... would be gr8
  3. Hm ok thanks for your comments guys .. nvm
  4. Hey i just bought wyvern wings yday from new cash shop on the website for 25 c . Today there are wyvern wings on the sale of the day for 19 c. Is it possible for me to exchange my wings and buy them again with limited points ?
  5. I reset appearnce of mermaid bubbles .. it worked .. Problem Fixed
  6. I resettet appearnce of my sinx cause i Change the style of the new clothes but still dont work
  7. hello i have the same problem i could log in yesterday but then i got DC couldnt log in after .. I reinstalled Rro but dont work Somehow I cant Install the Fixer
  8. If u want to be Not Hit as a Sniper u may try a high Hdef Build or pd Build like gator set or a cedi Tank set Too
  9. Okp+ Anti Freeze Card calig + nobby Novice food Kelp|bg Food upper Lazy bunny or Fox ears ( idk other) elegant wings flee orbs / Cards flee Keris ( Weapon) just a Suggestion Ehm stats i think max agi for flee ... sorry this Might be Not big help .. thats just what i think
  10. Thank you for the fast answer I will wiki it ;D
  11. i think ist same effect like the balloon ....
  12. Thank you for considerring the Balloon ;D The Scarf is intresting then, if this is same effect? physical does mean melee right? so range melee too?
  13. Oops wrong section.. i thought i did it right...failed
  14. Please bring back Peter Cottontail to this year easter Event! Thank You