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  1. too bad they lost all tyr server data, loosing too much stuffs there too hahaha, then i start a new live in thor
  2. the guard wolf did not summoned and Nightmarish jitterbug got disconnected while killing the boss (Awakened Ferre) (not sure)
  3. here is the list : - White Drooping Eddga Hat - Black Devil's Mask - Jinn Marin Balloon - Isabella Red Ears [1*] - Mercury Riser [1] - CD In Mouth - Vanargand Helm [1] - Crown of Deceit [1] - Skull Cap [1] - Ninja Scroll - Turkey On Your Head [1] -
  4. thor down, and no news from admin nvm its up
  5. im so touched
  6. bump
  7. you'll keep the 10% bonus when change to third job
  8. Selling - Ancient Gold Ornament [1] - White Knight Cards = 20m - Khalitzburg Knight Cards = 30m - Will Of Warrior (bulk) = offer - Blood Thirst (bulk) = offer - Ghost Chill (bullk) = offer - Porcelio Card = 50m - +7 GXB = 100m - Odin mask = 70m - +7 Siege Suit (Evil druid), +7 Siege Manteau (Raydric), +7 Siege Boots (verit) = 30m ea Buying - Oni Horn [1] - +0/4Temp agi boots (aspd enchant) Accept Trades and Credits catch me in game Ivy Spriggan/Kiss My Arrow/REGALIA
  9. update trading section on eir
  10. u guys is correct about the most damaged monster, we all know that, but its this is a new story we were doing instance, me, devi and our friends hitting mobs, and the mvp sign keep pop up on my friend its like a hundred times i dont have the SS or video, its like u kill 100 mvp in a 10 seconds
  11. just be patient the gm team said, there will be big update for thor, and i hope they see this post.
  12. why this on thor section?
  13. its a costume on thor