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  1. Hi

    i know a manda from long ago. maybe its this guy? but character avatar is novice so yeah...
  2. Baby WoE!!!
  3. but but they do...
  4. finally.
  5. blame @Jackie for mining point ties fiasco. but yeah ties are at a steady 18~20c now a days. on topic, supplies nowadays exceed demand, as for the cedi gears, blame Ancy for giving all loots to players and making cedi gears tradeable
  6. they always come back...
  7. i am guessing his user name has one name and has number suffixes i.e. player1, player2, player3, so on and so forth. sadly, as per game rules you are supposed to CHECK EVERY SINGLE ENTRY ON THAT DONATION INFO SHEET BEFORE PROCEEDING. it's not the staff's fault you "accidentally" opened the "wrong" account. It is YOUR responsibility and yours alone. anyhoo, let's see what them Admins and GMs say. i may be wrong this time kthxbai~~
  8. fox ears

    you didn't tell me anything. that other player (who i assume is your alt) posted on #main that its 15% to fire. then you trolled me. Fogged said its 20% but hey who's to believe then. anyhoo thanks for pointing this out. well i don't do saint trofimena so i wouldn't know. also i have a vivid imagination so i assume the MVP's physical attack is also holy element. if she also uses holy light then thanks for letting us know at least i got something useful from trying to be stoopid and actually succeeding in it
  9. fox ears

    Do i need to reply on this topic? Wait i want to So basically you need to be both Water and Holy element resist. Here are some gears you can use. Upper:- Chubby Bunny w/ Leaf Cat Card - Damage to Holy increased by 50%. 15% Resistance to Holy; Hyzo Hat w/ Leaf Cat - Shadow Damage increased by 50%. Water Resist for both headgears - 10% Mid:- Speed Wings w/ 4 Leaf Cat Cards - +25 Stats, Water Resist - 40% Lower:- Red Tie w/ Leaf Cat Card - 15% more damage, Water Resist - 10%; Any Premium Lower w/ Leaf Cat Card - +15 Stats same water resist. Weapons:- +7 or up Very Very Very Strong Hardened Steel Sword (Main Hand) and Saint Vincent's Sabre w/ 3 Aunoe Cards or The Paper Card (Off Hand) - HSword for added Crit Rate and SVS for more offhand damage. Aunoe or the paper cards for an additional 60% Crit damage. Body:- Reset Girl's Robe w/ Gloom Card - gives more~ish stats, gloom gives 40% damage to both angel race and holy element; Variegated Vest with Gloom - VV for added DEF and MDEF. Garment:- Caliginous Cloak w/ Marse Card or Rudo Card - Calig gives 5% more resist to ALL elements, also gives MDEF. Marse Card for 30% Water Resist while Rudo Card for Holy Resist if you want to start packing some. Shoes:- Apache Coated Boots w/ Icering Card - ACB gives 10% Water Resist as well as MDEF. Icering Card gives 15% Water Resist; Tidal Shoes w/ Icering Card - if you're too poor to buy ACB. Tidal shoes gives 5% Water Resist. Accessories:- 2x Recondite Rings (Str3, Random5) with Hardened Anvil Card or Ifrit Card - for more CRIT. Enough said. Now with these gears let's compute how many resists do we have. WATER RESIST:- Headgears:- 10 + 40 + 10 = 60 Armors:- 5 + 30 + 10 (5 if you use tidal) + 15 = 60 (55 with tidal) Total Water Resist:- 120% (115% with tidal) to be honest you don't need more than 100% resistance since it won't heal you anymore. So let's make another calculation using stuff that i know (GOD HELP US). WATER RESIST:- Headgears:- 10 + 40 + 10 = 60 Armors:- 5 + 10 (5 if you use tidal) + 15 = 30 (25 with tidal) Total Water Resist:- 90% (85% with tidal) "OMFG we're below 100%! We're not immuned!!! FU LANCE!!!" Before you say those exact words, lemme give you this answer:- "Coldproof Potion". As toneh stated, it gives 15% (20% according to other people. I believe toneh though sorry guys please don't kill me) so using that gives you additional water resist, which will break the immunity barrier and give you 100+% water resist. Now for the topic debated earlier:- You don't need to use an elemental armor if you're just gonna use Holy Scroll on it. The purpose of changing your armor's property is to receive 75% less damage from PHYSICAL ATTACKS and since Saint Trofimena element is Holy, it's safe to say that changing your armor into Holy property really helps a lot with the physical aspect of the attack. POST NOTE: The above underlined statement was corrected by players and thus the real reason why players should get high holy resistance was exposed. Apparently, Saint Trofimena also casts Holy Light which instantly kills you if you have little to no holy resist in your gears. hence the need for high holy resist to holy immune. I only assumed that the MVP's physical attack is also Holy element based on what information i gathered at that time. Using that statement in mind, let's calculate our Holy Resist. HOLY RESIST: Headgears:- 15 (if you're using Chubby Bunny) Armors:- 5 + 30 (if you're using Rudo Card) = 35 Total Holy Resist:- 50% Now isn't that something With the 75% decrease with physical attack, i think you're good to go! The 50% Holy Resist DOES NOT ADD UP to your Holy Armor effect. It works in an entirely different manner. I dunno how it works but it just does. POSTSCRIPT:- Please feel free to experiment on this build as i have no time nor resources to do so. On how to kill the MVP, just follow what the thread maker posted and hopefully you can kill Saint Trofimena too. But for those who are TOO LAZY TO SCROLL UP:- 1. Use an ASSASSIN CROSS as your killer. EDP works wonders on that MVP. You can also try LORD KNIGHT with Berserk. 2. Buff yourself with buffs that INCREASE CRIT. Your target number? Close to 400 CRIT. THAT'S A LOT OF CRIT. 3. USE HOLY SCROLLS. They're dirt cheap and easy to get. 1 RDC point isn't that hard to get right? 4. Bring Yggs, and some Token of Seigfreid. Don't ask me how to get those tokens. READ. ok now i really have to go. kthxbai~~♥♥♥
  10. have a great time in real life! hope you enjoyed playing this wonderful game!
  11. what they said
  12. not malaysian here. can i come?
  13. apparently not old enough i still play this game bruv
  14. can i have the orleans glove and amistr eyes? please?
  15. we do have port malaya in loki. the quests there are also doable so you'll have a great time there. sadly we won't have eclage and i dunno why the admins didn't activate it. we do have the maps for the town and the field, we just dont have everything else.