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  1. welcome back to blood, gore and mayhem.
  2. try using the AI files from this dude.
  3. nice to know
  4. already moved to loki. though thor should also have a similar event. that being said, we still have valentines day event to ponder about so chill guys just wait for them official announcements thingy. and OMG I WANT THAT BALLOON ALSO!!!
  5. AI

    just cheking brah anyhoo havent tried it yet but i'mm itching to do so in the near future.
  6. AI

    did you check if that rar file has virus/es in it? how can we be sure it's safe?
  7. yes. we are old. don't rub it in.
  8. let's just see what ancy will tell us when he gets back from his holiday vacation.
  9. already confirmed. it's trident effect. other headgears are +30 to stats. what we still dont know are the 2 heaadgears from the xmas gifts from event. still no news about it. new loyal player reward, Jazz ring [3] has same effect as the musical rings [3], apparently.
  10. i know right? but ancy will be ancy at least he gave the bomb on that striped candy cane. a lot of people bought that yesterday.
  11. as far as we know, the headgears have slots and have effects, it's just that our great admin didn't put it up on the description page. it's more like "go get the new gears but be surprised what they CAN ACTUALLY DO :D!" that being said the premium limited headgear striped candy cane gives trident [4] effect. kthxbai~~
  12. not that we know of, no.
  13. i just got my 5 yr loyal player reward and i also have no idea what it does.
  14. that is the big question this year:- are they cooking something for us this christmas? or are just gonna throw random rates and be done with it? let's see.
  15. So yeah as the title says. No threads made regarding this topic so imma go start it. Please feel free to give comments, suggestions, violent reactions, and what nots. kthxbai~~♥♥♥