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  1. i scrolled down coz of this, and oh. wrong section lol
  2. ;( x( :0 why thor only :3 uuugh can't wait mah sinx cryin ady
  3. switch to loki
  4. I also got one when the event started. I was wondering why it is NOT a costume when BDO said before the maint that it will be costumes. You're probably not online before the maint.
  5. Have you tried other servers that welcome new players? As far as I've experienced this server is just the same with others. Anyway.. most players expect new players to read at rrowiki and forums about in-game things that's why they are stingy to answer questions at main chat. Regarding items, some players give newbies free items for easy lvling, and some even give free exp leech.
  6. with due respect, I am referring to the two headgears from xmas box (event gears not cash shop items), if they are costumes as bdo said before the maint. off topic: number of yrs playing rro for jazz ring?
  7. Am I the only one who read what BDO said before the maint, that the event gears will be costumes?
  8. and regarding the int=1 thingy: even with just a bow and the Wind Ghost accesory i had 1+5 int. the auto jupitel pushed my ws with that. nagare and i tested it. its due to hard mdef. my snipers matk was 6-7 while my alt priest has 14 hard mdef. so it did not hit.
  9. update: the female ws was "o Izzys Helper o"
  10. This my alt priest with the sniper wearing Wind Ghost and a whitesmith i also tried with the jupitel. My alt priest wasnt knocked back while the WS was knocked back. I even showed it to that female WS wearing a bapho horn or somethin. cards btw: 4 lif cards for rod, Owl Baron and Duke combo for 2 Orlean gloves. Change topic: lost my Mistress on recolor event glasses
  11. i tested it too. against my alt high priest with cart. Its not against a wall and it has no anti knockback.
  12. Why the auto Jupitel Thunder from Wind Ghost card does no pushback?
  13. ^ 10 items max. Use Alt+M then change the contents After that.. using alt+0 (up to 9) grants you 10 item id, saved and easy to spam
  14. For a star gladiator wearing a fable silk, he/she can use Union skill but it will consume the link. Thus requiring you to re-equip fable silk to be linked again when Union expires. For snipers (Beast Strafe) or whitesmith (Full Adrenaline), fable silk enables them to use the skills as long as it is equipped, unlike with a Link from a Soul Linker that expires. Tho i dont recommend fable silk coz first, fable thread is hard to obtain. Second, fable silk increases damage received from all sources by 20% and increases after cast delay, which sux. I think she wants full adrenaline rush for an advantage alone, not with the disadvantage a fable silk will give.