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  1. Naisuuu, I'll try to look up my old screens. Here is the only one I made yet :3
  2. What Erik is saying~ I know that several guilds are investing and getting god ingredients like mad :3
  3. I think the main point of salt here is that milano didn't wear a marc card (or most of the FT guild). Skelly could just frost joke and then tarot spam afterwards. You can complain about the skill being OP, but when you aren't prepped for WoE/PvP it doesn't mean a thing. If an entire guild freezes it's logical you can pick them out one at a time, and have an easy time living. This is why you stimulate new guildies to hunt marcs, evil druids or do a guild run for them. Freeze has always been one of the key status effects on Eir, with frost joke clowns, high wizards etc.
  4. I've voted for leave it as it is. I'll be losing my legit +10 Odin's set, two +9 magic bibles and tons of other stuff. Why? Cause I've seen the extend to which some people abused it, and I can see how it is a lot of work for the GM's and admins. I actually have multiple screens of people admitting they abused the bug and their equipment (for reference purposes). It does feel unfair though, because I came back to Eir when the npc was removed already. But if I can get over it, most people can. You won't lose cards, you won't lose mvp cards, you won't lose chars, you won't lose levels. What is there to complain about? If you take out the loki ppl voting for rollback, remain as it is is in the lead :>
  5. Don't you guys have logs to see who abused the system?
  6. You forget one thing though :> Eir isn't and will prolly not be a BG/WoE orientated server. Farming stuff in PvE actually has a role here.
  7. Yeah, Eir doesn't need that. I've been WoE'ing without mvp cards for years (damn Erik taking all of them). Only toyed a bit with garm and orc lord, but aside from that just nox, marc, and thara. As Rolo said BG is the place to be, and idk if the badges should be increased (+15 badges) but the happy hour sounds good.
  8. I am not pleased ( WHERE IS MY FORUM ACC) How strong is slightly stronger premium items? Are there special people testing/watching to check for balance (which had 'minor' issues in Eir before) Shame of my donates, chars and mvp cards though.. ~Niels