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  1. @Phoenix @Syphon @Big Dumb Object @Thunder
  2. Hello Thorian, It has been xx weeks since Horror Toy Factory (HFT) instance is released and today we finally managed to clear this instance. We spent x minutes to clear HTF and when we killed Celine Kimi, we only have 1 minute and a half to collect the reward. We believe that this instance is not worthy of the trouble since Celine Kimi only drop FLOWER . Yeah flower which can be obtained from red/blue/yellow plant. Meanwhile, from RMS , Celine Kimi drops Old Yangsan, butterfly hairpin, costume red bonnet, closed mind box, bloody coin, and its card. In the end, we only got 51 bloody coins and it needs 1000 coins to make evil spirit gloves . What is your opinion about this instance? To ADM and GM @Phoenix @Thunder @Syphon @Big Dumb Object Please consider adding other drops like in RMS (Old Yangsan, butterfly hairpin, costume red bonnet, closed mind box, bloody coin, and its card). If possible, please add 100% chance of equipment just like the faceworm queen. Moreover, I have posted as a feature request in bug.rebirthro.com Thank you. Big thanks to @Vasto Vanquisher and Fiery for the party Video dan be seen here
  3. Fashion Designer NPC in Ayothaya recolored someone glasses and did not give it back. Please look into this problem. If possible give the glasses back to Puff Scientist. Thank you
  4. People, i have formally posted our issue in the bug report hopefully they will do something. Please comment on there to support or whatever. https://bugs.rebirthro.com/tracker/issues/223
  5. I thought they fix it in the current patch, lol
  6. Thanks GM
  7. 6. Thor need more players, having you in the server would be great Come to dewata to join PvE guild There will be big update this year (we still dont know when). One of them is about the rate which are Exp Rates: Raised to 200x Normal item drop rates: Raised to 20x MVP drop rates: Left at 10x Regular cards: Raised to 20x MVP cards: Left at 2x
  8. well, playing in Thor could be an alternative
  9. I figured it out. The answer is lucky day enchant on temporalSTATboots. Thank you everyone for ur concern
  10. i have been observing some players who suddenly get MVP sign when they are attacking (They do not kill mvp but still generate that sign). My question is what equipment/items that can trigger that effect?
  11. To my dearest GM and Admin, It would be great if we can choose Normal mode or hard mode in OGH instance since coagulated spell drop rate in hard mode is very low. Thanks
  12. Thor player here. Maybe u just login in the wrong time. I mostly help newbie and some people also help newbie in town.
  13. C is prefered, but zeny is still accepted. PM for price or trading purpose. Ty SELLING LIST [Cash] 10 Old enrich Oridecon 20M [equipment] -Armor- Ancient Gold Ornament [] Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo Bible of promise 2nd vol Buwaya Agimat Tattoo Candy corn Decayed hope [] +8 Ebone armor [] Goibne's set + 9 FALLEN ANGLE WING [] +7 Feather beret +0/6/8 Orc champion helm [] +9 Siege boots [] +9 Siege Greaves [] +9 Siege manteau [] +9 Siege plate [] +9 Siege plate of Ares +7 Siege suit [] +7 Strong shield [] +9/6 TemporalDexBoots [ ] +9/6 TemporalLUKboots [ ] +9/6 TemporalAGIboots [ ] +9/6 TemporalINTboots [ ] +9 Ur's plate White Wing Set -weapon- +10 Battle hook [] +9 Bellum spear [] +9 Brocca Combat knive +8 Durga [] +10/11 elven bow [] Giant Crossbow [] + 7/9/10 hunting spear [] Ice pick +10 Katana [] TEN Red (pre-order) TEN blue +9 TGL [] (pre-order) [Costume] Ljosalfar 200M/10c [card] KIEL AK Alice Ascendant orc Dark pinguicula Orc fighter Orc sniper Parus Phen Scaraba [Usable] Poison bottle [Misc] Coagualted spell contaminated magic Canadian bacon Smoked bacon Turkey bacon Temporal crystal Will of Warrior BUYING LIST [Cash] Credit 20M ea [Weapon] [Armor] +12 GSS VIT enchant, special VIT Dex Glove [] Orlean Neklace [] [Costume] Interesting/unique costume [Card] TGK Kiel [Misc] HAM Beef head Blood of wolf Cold ice Drosera tentacle Fabric Orcish Voucher Petite's tail Poison spore Royal Jelly Skell-bone White herb
  15. Bug report : Some of the snake in Area 4 are occupying Queen's area. For those who do faceworm instance and cannot find the rest of the snake in area 4, you may want to look up to the Queen's area and when you see this happen, write down @die. it will solve your problem. I am reporting this to the player who still for some reason play in Thor, not to GM, I hope this is not the wrong section