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  1. This is a follow up to the above. The Halter Lead is Back for VIPs, as of Yesterday. Woo Hoo!
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released for Nintendo Switch, and Wii U, on Friday, March 3'rd, 2017. I'm having a blast playing, it on Wii U, but the A, B, X, and Y buttons are in an awkward position, on the official touchscreen controller, and on the official Wii U Pro Controller. I've tried three Nyko Pro Commander for Wii U Wii U controllers, and all had defective buttons. Nice layout, though. Tried finding an adapter for Dualshock 1 & 2 (PS1, PS2) or Xbox 360 controllers, with no luck. I mean, there are some, but they connect to the Wiimote, and work only in Wii mode as a "Wii Classic Controller... The Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch looks ideal, but it's not compatible with the Wii U... So I'd have to buy the Switch version of the Game, and a Switch Console, as well as the Switch Pro Wireless Controller, and all of the combined would cost $465.32 with sales tax. I'm saving up muh pennies for that, but it's gonna be a while... Any suggestions for Wii-U Compatible adapter (that connects via USB and is seen as a Wii U Pro Controller) or a Gamepad with the same layout as a Dualshock or 360 Controller (other than the linked Nyko one above), would be awesome.
  3. Log in to your account on the main RebirthRO.com website (not the forums). Scroll down to see a list of all of your characters. There is a click-able word, that appears next to each of your characters. That word is Actions. Click on it. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on the "Fix Location" option. Try to get into the game with the character whos location you fixed. Let us know how that goes.
  4. The popup works on Loki, when going from lhz_dun01 to lhz_dun00a. and the Kafra Employee on Loki, in Geffen, at 120/60 still charges 10,000 zeny to warp directly to "Bio Labratory Basement" lhz_dun00a. I haven't tried to enter the Biolabs Basement on Thor, before, so I took a quick look-see, and the Kafra Employee does not offer the option to warp directly to "Bio Labratory Basement" lhz_dun00a. Is that normal for Thor? About the Old GlastHeim Instance on Thor... I can't test that. I am sad to hear it's still broken. ;( That's how you get some special boots, iirc. .
  5. One work-around I've found, for grayed-out items, is to transfer about 40 items to my character, then refresh both sides. I keep doing that until the grayed-out items aren't grayed-out anymore.
  6. Did you open the link the OP posted? They fixed the palettes for the alt sprites. I dunno if they have other bugs, though. Also, I didn't see anything about alt sprites for Super Novice... ;(
  7. I can confirm that the "Event Lucky Box" does not currently appear, is the Cash Shop, on Loki. Dunno why.
  8. Speaking of Invalid Names... Party Names can use uppercase and lowercase letters. No symbols. No spaces. Guild Names can use uppercase and lowercase letters. No symbols. No spaces. Guild Titles are restricted by length only. Can use spaces, punctuation, and some symbols.
  9. I can confirm that the Quests in Port Malaya do work on Loki. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Port_Malaya Well, I can't confirm the working-ness of the "Bakonawa Extermination" quest for the Instance Dungeon, because I haven't tried that one yet... Elcage though... Like Lance Eisengard said, it is not active yet. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Eclage Last I read, the monsters need to be re-balanced before they can open it up..?
  10. Question 1: I made a mistake creating a character 2 days ago, deleted it and couldn't create a new character on any server. Is there a cooldown before creating a new character, if so how long? Answer 1:There are a total of 24 Character Slots. Well, 21 are usable for non VIP... VIPs get an extra three slots. You can access them by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard, when you are at the Character Select screen. There's also two blue triangles you can click on. One is to the left of your left most character. The other one is to the right of your right-most character. Hopefully, you don't have the max number of characters yet, and didn't know about this, so you can maybe use this info as a work-around to your character-deletion issues? ==================================================================================================== Question 3: If it [This Game] was updated, does ratemyserver still have relevant information? This is a 15 year old game after all . . . The latest monster ids point to something going on in Glast Heim but idk. Answer 3: On RMS, switch to "Renewal" for info pertaining to Thor. Stick to "Pre-Renewal" for Loki stuff. For special custom monsters (On this Private Server only), you can read the RebirthRO wiki. Daily Quest Pro Tip: If you are given a quest from the Chalkboard to hunt a monster, it also gives you a Mob ID Number. There's a command you can type in the in-game chatbox that can help you with that. For example, if it says Mob ID 1234, type: @WhereIs 1234 It should give you some map names, or say it doesn't spawn normally. If it doesn't give any map names, pick a different quest? It's what I do when that happens... >_> Some monsters they send you after are in the Glastheim Past regions. Faroe Island: Far_isld01 to 06. Rosaceae Pass: Gef_fild01p, Gef_fild02p. Abbey: abby_fild01, abby_tem01 & 02. Nightmare Pyramid: moc_prydn1_ (there's a also second floor, but i haven't gone to it yet) Thulean Plateau: thu_plt01 to 03. To make sure you are on the right map, you can type the following tried-and-true command: /where To see "Where You Is", as a crazy neighbor of mine often says, loudly, into her cell phone, repeatedly, at all hours of the day and night, but I digress... If you just type /w then it'll show you how many players are currently online. If they send you after Amistr, Filir, Lif, or Vanilmirth, they are in "lhz_dun00a". You can use a Kafra to warp there. Pick "Dungeons" then "Bio Laboratory " then scroll down and pick "Bio Laboratory Basement". http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Biolabs_B1 If you use Silver Arrows and have an Amistr Hat, you should do okay in there. Maybe. Just take it slow. Prolly should bring some Yggdrasil Berries, just in case, or invite a Priest or Priestess to accompany you...? The RMS stuff about Glast Heim is an instanced dungeon/event that is only available on Thor, and is currently broken. It has to do with some ASPD Boots, or something like that. Not 100% sure on that one... ==================================================================================================== Question 4: When last played, there were these semi-implemented third jobs(Guillotine Cross/Rune Knights etc) , and I player Ranger for a moment. Are these still there? Do Ninjas and gunslingers have second jobs? Answer 4: Ninja, Gunslinger, Soul Linker and Super Novice do not have second jobs on Loki. Loki's game mechanics for them are pretty good; they aren't under-powered, so don't worry. They do have their second jobs on Thor. ON LOKI: You can buy a Costume in the Cash Shop for most jobs, to get the alternate Third Class Sprite. If you are VIP, you can use the "Magic" commands to get the normal Third Job Sprites, or use a Third Job Packet (from Bacon Eater). There's also some special Third Job Dyna hats in the cash shop, but I haven't tried them out yet. None of the above methods give you access to the third job skills, on Loki. Well, they show up in your skill menu, but are greyed-out, and you can't add points to them, or use them. ==================================================================================================== Question 5: What ever happened to the NPC shop in Juno/Yuno? Wanted to get basic gear for new character and all... Answer 5: Others have covered this, but, it's @go mall or @go 16. You can type @go without a place, or number, after it, to get a list of all the places you can "@go" to. ==================================================================================================== Question 6: Should I just go for Thor? There's like 20x less people but I'm seeing people complain about annoying drop rates & exp based on player level due to renewal update. I'm also playing solo so the lack of players is not really a problem. Answer 6: I'll tell you what. You haven't been spoiled by Loki's 196 ASPD yet, right? It's really hard to play on Thor if you have been spoiled by that. That being said, Thor does have a number of things that Loki doesn't offer. And the reverse is also true. Really, it's up to you. I'd suggest trying both out. Just don't forget to log in to Loki once, every day, and stay online for 2 hours, to get your Daily Rewards. Oh, and there's that Monster of the Day thing on Thor, to keep up with, too.
  11. I noticed a lot of un-translated stuff on Thor, too, including that very book! I think that it is among the things they're working on fixing, and there's nothing we can do about it, but wait for the upcoming update.
  12. Question 2: What update is the game on? I'm looking at this 'Terra Gloria' 16.2 update but that was on kRO early last year (information on this update is sketchy at best) Answer 2: Bifrost (Episode 14.1) If you open the Quest Window (Alt and U.... Or click on the "quest" icon from the "Basic Info" drop-down window/menu) you can click the left tab, named "New", to see what the current Episode the server you are playing on, is running. I bet you asked this, also because of the Quest Lists at iRO Wiki. For those that don't know, they list what episode number some of the quests require. So, as of today, you can't do any quests that need higher than Ep 14.1. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Quests http://irowiki.org/wiki/Arc_Quests http://irowiki.org/wiki/Quest_item_reward http://irowiki.org/wiki/Access_Quests http://irowiki.org/wiki/Headgear_Quests and from Rate My Server: http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=10000
  13. Last I heard, there's a Thor-Only quest in Glastheim, that lets you make special boots, that are needed to get decent attack speed (but not max), and it's not working properly. On Loki, you can get max attack speed pretty early on (around base level 110 or 120), if you get a +30 stat mid headgear, and a +15 stat lower headgear. For 750 C (about $7.50) you can buy a Wings Lucky Box. For 700 C (about $7.00) buy a Lower Lucky Box. So that's about 1,450 C (About $15 to $20 USD, depending on exchange rate to Euros). You can only buy them on Loki. Thor has different game mechanics, and doesn't offer those two things in the Cash Shop. Also, on Loki, you can reach Max ASPD without the premium mid and lower headgear, only using AGI and DEX. Not sure about max ASPD on Thor, as i don't have those special boots, but it looks like stats alone won't get you there. Maybe a player on Thor can clue us in on what's with Max ASPD on Thor? Oh, and If you want to play a Super Novice, to do the PvM, (And MVP !!! ^_^) and lotsa quests, for the love of God, play it on Loki. So much easier. Also, you can not do Tailoring, Metalworking, or even Handicrafting on Thor. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System Ya say that ya love to farm stuff? Well those three things require lots of mostly easy to farm items. I'd suggest doing Tailoring First, and make yourself a nice set of +8 (or higher) Alligator gears: Alligator Leather Sandals Alligator Leather Cloak Alligator Leather Suit The Alligator Leather Hat is pretty good too, but it's beaten by the Drooping Amistr hat. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Amistr_Hat_(Loki) That little sheepy heals you while you fight, man. Super awesome. The Alligator Gears (and Alligator Hat) are trade-able, and Vend-able but the Amistr Hat is Account bound. All of the Amistr Hat ingredients* are sell-able and vend-able, cept for the Token of Seigfried, but you can buy those with Vote Points in the mall (@go mall) from the Vote Point Shop NPC, on the upper north side. Anywho, a basic set of Alligator Gears will make farming soooo much more pleasant if you don't wanna spam a lot of attack skills, and just wanna mostly point and click. As others have said, Thor is gonna get some updates in the Future, so keep checking the Forums, for more info on that. *On Loki, Most venders hang out in @go payon but you can also spot a few in the Mall @go mall, and there's also a few venders in the Item Shop, and Forging Shop in @go prontera. ====================================================================== **Premium Items, such as stuff from the Cash-Shop-Purchase "Wings Lucky Box", and "Lower Lucky Box" can NOT be used in Cedi, RDC, any "Instance Dungeon" PvP, WoE, and a few other areas. The Angra weapon, that some players keep insisting upon, is restricted from those places too, and is also restricted from being used on any map that has a "Sealed NPC" on it. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Premium_Items You CAN use them in most of the MVP Arena rooms, though. Just not in Room Number 4 or Room Number 8 of Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Epsilon. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/MVP_Arena You can also use them in the Glastheim Past Areas. You should check that place out, sometime, when you are around level 125 (or higher) on Loki. Just be sure to wear an Eye of Dullahan or something else that gives Immunity to Poison. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Onward_to_the_New_World_Quest http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/A_Glast_from_the_Past If you do the "Grab Yer Sealegs!" quest, might wanna put a Nightmare Card in one of your slotted headgears because the Damselfly casts Wide Sleep. V E R Y O F T E N ! http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Grab_yer_Sealegs! You can warp to Glastheim (p) after you do the Glast to the Past quest and make it to the Glastheim (p) town. It an option at every Kafra NPC that ofers "Warp" services. It is listed under Towns. You can warp around using Green Orbs, while you are in the Glastheim (p) areas. In order to get them to work, you gotta do the "The Nightmare Within" Quest. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/The_Nightmare_Within After you enter the Nightmare Pyramid for the first time, click the orb to your right and break it to get out. Don't worry, it repairs itself as soon as you leave. Once you are out, walk down the platform and back over to the old lady that sent you in there. There is a Green Orb right next to her. Click on that one, and a message will pop up saying "The Orb Reacts to your Touch". Also, the old lady will mention that you can use Orbs now. So, now you can warp back to "Faroe Island Outpost" (The Green orb next to the Old Lady) using the Green Orb in the Main Square of *Glastheim (P) or the one in the Abbey (that you can get to by doing the Grab Yer Sealegs! quest above). Okay, now it's time to activate the other two Green Orbs so you can warp between all 3 locations. You can do the other 2 in any order. To activate them, click on them. Pretty easy, huh? ====================================================================== Pro tips for Loki: You can remove Cards from your stuff at an NPC in the Forging Shop in @go prontera. She's in one of the side-rooms with the add-a-slot NPCs. Bacon can be given to Bacon Eater NPC. Looks like a poring. It is outside of the Weapon Shop in @go prontera. It is within a few cells/steps of the NPC that lets you reset your Stats and Skills for Zeny, at any level. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/NPC:Bacon_Eater Bacon is given out for free, every once in a while, server-wide during a "Bacon Loop". I dunno what causes Bacon Loops. You can also get free Bacons in-between rounds of some of the "Type @join" Events, some of the time, such as Death By Dice. So even if you lose every round, don't re-log. Stick with it, and you might get some free bacon as a consolation prize. There is a cat NPC in @go geffen that will gives Loyal Player Rewards to people who have played for more than a year. I think you already know about it, though? You can find it by going to Geffen, and then typing the following in your Chat Box, and following the red arrows that appear: /navi geffen 132/54 You'll get a free Middle Headgear from the cat, with [3] slots in it, if your account is at least 1 year old. Super useful if you don't, or can't, buy a premium middle headgear. You can read more about that, at: http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Loyal_Player_Reward The Melody Notes and Music Ring are pretty nice mid headgears. All players (even new accounts that are less than a year old) get Daily Rewards on Loki. It's mostly helpful stuff, like free Battle Manuals, and Safe Refine Tickets, and other cool things. you can read more about it at http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Eden_Group_(Loki) It resets each night at about 6 pm Central standard time (Canada/USA) or at 0:00:00 Server time. You can check the server time by typing @time in your chatbox. There are also Daily Quests you can do, upstairs, in the Eden Mall. The really exciting ones are given by the Chalkboard, behind the purple/blue haired NPC, but you can only do those on characters that are at least level 200. I can't seem to fin a link to the Daily Quests on the Wiki... They added them in May of this year, so it's still kinda new. To get the Rewards for the "Accumilation" and "Supply" quests, you gotta turn them in to an NPC in a room behind the chalkboard. The other quest's rewards are given by talking to the purple/blue haired NPC in front of the chalkboard, and picking "Reward?". You can give Pieces of Paradice to a Vending Machine and a Gumball Machine near the Chalkboard. Also, if you aren't VIP, you cant get to the Safe Refiner in the VIP Area, and are stuck using the one in the Mall. Why is that bad? Well, the non-vip Safe Refiner eats Pieces of Paradise. ====================================================================== There is a Fishing Mini-Game. I don't know if it is a Loki-Exclusive. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Fishing A Better Guide than the above link: ====================================================================== Pro tips for Thor: 99.9% of the Players there are super nice and helpful. You need to do the Eden Group Equipment Quests (Thor Exclusive) to get decent starter gears http://irowiki.org/wiki/Eden_Group_Equipments_Quests They don't have "Daily Rewards" (Loki Exclusive) but they do have "Monster of the Day" (Thor Exclusive) http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Monster_of_the_Day Some of the prizes for that look really cool. -They do ask you to hunt easy monsters, sometimes, so don't get discouraged. Uhh... I don't know much about Thor, but I hope the above is useful to ya.
  14. I dusted off some old computer parts, and managed to rig up a system with an A4-5300, Win7 x64, and 8GB of DDR3-1600 (2 x 4GB) @ 1600 MHz. I have 2 GB of RAM dedicated to the APU's Graphics. I didn't have high hopes, to be honest, but wow! The game is actually mostly playable! Can totally see myself doing some fishing in Hugel town, or something like that. Ran a test in Fullscreen Mode (1600 x 900). When there's not a lot going on, and with /skip set to "Frame Skip Off" it's really smooth. Shot some arrows at a few Porings outside of Geffen. Got some Jellopy. Life was good. @go'ed to Prontera. Yep, fountian lag. Wasn't too bad, so went to Payon to scope out the AFK Vending Army. Ah... okay, that was very laggy. Cleared up after walking away from them, though. Anybody tried running this game on a AMD APU? With the integrated "APU" graphics, not a dedicated card. If so, how'd it go, and what memory speed are ya running at? Why am I asking? Um, well, my main PC has a Phenom II x6 1100T processor, and a Geforce GTX 960. It runs Rebirth RO really good! Ah, so, I'm not looking to upgrade my Main PC. Am thinking about setting up an inexpensive secondary computer, for when some family comes to visit. Maybe get them to farm some items for me... hehehe... Or maybe help my brother and I do some instances or something? So, the A88X FM2+ mobo, that I used in the test, supports latest (newest?) FM2+ APU, the A10-7890K Not sure if I should buy it, though... So I'm asking you all.
  15. Just to Add... Tried to add some funds to one of my RebirthRO accounts, and "Skrill" was the only payment option. I've never tried to add to funds to that particular account before. This kinda freaked me out because I was planning to spend funds that I have tied up in CVS and Dollar General Gift Cards, that Paymentwall accepts. So, I checked the accounts I've added funds to in the past. Those show three payment options: PayPal, Skrill and Paymentwall. The in-game Cash Shop has something called a "100 Point Coin". It looks like I can use it as a work-around. Maybe. The "Item Movement Restriction" says that you can trade it with other players/accounts using a trade window. I've never bought a 100 point coin before. Is it still Tradeable? Is there any word, or hints, from the GMs, about getting rid of the 100 Point Coin? I'd like to avoid tying up all of my funds on a single RebirthRO Account. I spent too much time on trying to figure out how Skrill works, without signing up for it, (it has a weird fee structure, and I still don't know if it's "Paysafe Card" is available locally, or not) and the 100 Point Coin thing didn't occur to me, untill after the Sale of The Day ended for the item, that I was interested in, so I missed out.