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  1. Just to Add... Tried to add some funds to one of my RebirthRO accounts, and "Skrill" was the only payment option. I've never tried to add to funds to that particular account before. This kinda freaked me out because I was planning to spend funds that I have tied up in CVS and Dollar General Gift Cards, that Paymentwall accepts. So, I checked the accounts I've added funds to in the past. Those show three payment options: PayPal, Skrill and Paymentwall. The in-game Cash Shop has something called a "100 Point Coin". It looks like I can use it as a work-around. Maybe. The "Item Movement Restriction" says that you can trade it with other players/accounts using a trade window. I've never bought a 100 point coin before. Is it still Tradeable? Is there any word, or hints, from the GMs, about getting rid of the 100 Point Coin? I'd like to avoid tying up all of my funds on a single RebirthRO Account. I spent too much time on trying to figure out how Skrill works, without signing up for it, (it has a weird fee structure, and I still don't know if it's "Paysafe Card" is available locally, or not) and the 100 Point Coin thing didn't occur to me, untill after the Sale of The Day ended for the item, that I was interested in, so I missed out.
  2. Have you tried the tips in the following thread, yet?
  3. Ok, so, from: https://community.rebirthro.com/topic/461-website-maintenance-sale-of-the-day/ At first, i was all "Ehhh...?" Then I realized something... Say you want a specific Premium Headgear. Before Sale of the Day, there were only 2 ways to get it. A Lucky Box, or one of the $50 Dyna Hats. Not everyone can afford the Dyna Hats, and the Lucky Boxes are for the impatient penny pinchers (or the types who like to gamble?). Well, now there is a Third Way. Just gotta be patient, and have a pre-loaded Gift Card ready, or some monies waiting in *PayPal or something. *PayPal doesn't work for everyone, so make sure you find a method that RebirthRO accepts, or you could miss out? Anywho, the stuff offered in the Sale of The Day seems to reset every night at 00:00:00 Server Time. It's the same time when Daily Rewards and Daily Quests (at the Chalkboard in the Eden Mall's second floor) reset. You can use the @time command in your in-game chatbox to check the Server's time.
  4. Maybe it's a regional thing? I'm in the USA.
  5. Clear your browser cache? Or try another web browser? The forums will prolly liven up a bit, after the Christmas Event ends. I've been kinda busy with the whole "Daily Quest" thing on the chalkboard, that is on the second floor of the Eden place. They've been asking me for Fishies, and for crafted things, so I gotta spend some time doing that. Not that I mind, I mean, I mostly play for farming and crafting and that kind of thing. So, yeah, I think most people are spending their time Playing instead of Posting. Just a guess.
  6. So, on Loki, I just used the Reset Girl in Prontera (at coordinates /navi prontera 181/214) to reset my Job Lv 50 Doram's Skills. I was only given 35 Skill Points to assign, instead of 49... I made an official bug report, and tried a Forum Search, but in the meantime, I'm wondering if I'm suppose to go to a different NPC, to reset a Doram's Skills, or something? I got 10 Gym Passes for my Doram, a few months ago (Enlarge Weight Limit R ~ at Lv 10). I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Even so, 49 - 35 = 14...?
  7. I think i may have found a new bug? Some of the items in the "Web Storage" pane are grayed-out, and non-transferable, even though my characters have plenty of room on them.
  8. OGH Instance?
  9. Nope and Nope (As of January 3'rd, 2016). But in the future, maybe Yes for Both. For more details, you can watch the video in the other Thread:
  10. If you are running Windows 7 or higher, you can try: Installing the game in "C:\RebirthRO\" or any drive other than the one your Operating System is installed on. Going to where the game is installed, and forcing the Patcher, and the Game, and the Setup (Setting) Program, to always Run As Administrator. RebirthRO Patcher.exe & RebirthRO.exe & setup.exe Ya right-click them, chose "Properties" then click the "Compatibility" tab, to find the setting in Windows 7. If all else fails, and your Operating System is not installed on a SSD, you should probably try a Surface Scan of your mechanical Hard Drive with HD Tune, or another similar program. Such a scan could take anywhere from 8 hours, to 24 hours, depending on the size of your Hard Drive, so make sure you have other things to do, before starting the scan!
  11. Oh, wow! I thought it was a "Feature", not a bug. Thanks for fixing it. I did as you requested, transferring the Stacked Equips to an active (Online, Logged-in, sitting in a Town) character, then clicking little blue refresh button, to un-split them, before moving them back to Web Storage 2.0. They aren't stacking themselves any more. Not even when I press the little blue refresh button on either side.
  12. The new web storage ate 6 of my Unholy Touch Katars, and several of my +10 Burning Bows. They just vanished. Refreshing doesn't help. Freaked out a bit? I did, but you shouldn't be. It turns out that Equipment with the same Name and + gets Stacked! This is a good thing, because it frees up some web storage slots, AND is better organized. So, when I tried to move my one remaining Unholy touch Katar, back to my person from Web Storage, it asked me how many i wanted to transfer, and told me i actually had all 7 in there. In other words, nothing was actually lost. It's all there.
  13. I noticed on the wiki that one could get extra Christmas Boxes, during last year's Christmas Event, by chance, from Bacon Eater. Will it work this year, too? I mean, were 2016's Christmas Boxes added to the Bacon Eater's possible goodies list?
  14. That would be AWESOME! *Subscribes to this Thread*
  15. How about Fable Silk? http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Fable_Silk_(Loki) It is a Middle Headgear, with 1 slot. Wearing it activates skills that normally require a *Soul Link. There is a Quest to make one on Loki: http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Fable_Silk_Quest I haven't done that quest yet, myself, and I dunno how to go to Biolabs B2. I think it's an Instanced area, or something? Maybe another poster knows? Anywho, Biolabs B2 is where you can get the Fable Thread, on Loki. It is one of the Items required for the quest. Tried a Shop Search, but no one was vending it... You might have better luck, though. @ss 52534 *If someone casts a Soul Link on you while you are wearing the Fable Silk, you have to unequip and then re-equip the Fable Silk after about 5 minutes or so. It's because your Soul Link is de-activated when the "Timer" of a Cast Soul Link runs out. I don't know if this is true, but I read it a couple of times on these Forums, a while back, and seems like a helpful tip, if it is true.