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  5. Aunoe is a little bit hard to kill than other mobs, since its in guild dungeon. Better farm for The Paper Card, or buy Aunoe Card or The Paper Card. Price I think is lower than 2m.
  6. We all came from that "what to do/farm" and "where to farm". Since you already know/read what to farm and where to farm those items, I advise you to make sniper and equip it with proper items. I can see from your ninja that you already have the items given to returning players before. I think it has a lower headgear that has the same effect as bubblegum, not so sure though. I think that's BDA you're wearing. Use those in farming. Also, a simple +7/+8 alligator set and composite bow with aunoe/the paper card equip with the right arrow will do you good.
  7. In that case, maybe i can catch up with you on weekend. Is that ok? Nevertheless, if ever I saw you on #trade, I'll pm you. I thought its you I'm seeing whenever I got online, but maybe its just another name.
  8. Hi Misale, Please reserve me 12 vigi's. I'll be online later 14:00-16:00 game time, i'll pm you if i saw you on main chat.
  9. So, if you wanna waste some of your time and money, watch this --------v. Overall, its an ok movie (I was like "aaaahh!! <shouting>" for the first until the middle part). But for real, better watch that ------^
  10. Does valentine premium speed wing stacks (cause Twin Butterflies don't)?
  11. Hi, please file your suggestion in Bug Report Section/Tab in the upper left side of this page. Log in your account (register if you don't have an account yet), click submit/report an issue, then click feature request. I think that's how it works there, so they can look it up ( a lil bit weird though, bug report section>feature request)
  12. Thanks mita, and goodluck irl ^^
  13. Hi Mita, you quitting rro? btw, pc>esl
  14. fox ears

    thanks for the guide ^^. just like hoy said, you already have 105% water resist without water armor (115% with sedora), maybe you can replace water armor with reset girl's robe for further damage, then vert it with holy scroll.