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  1. October 19, 2017 (maybe they just reset the mobs) Map 1 (8) dullahan, flame skull, familiar, mummy, marionette, evil druid, bathory, lude Map 2 (9) zombie, ancient mummy, gibbet, knight, doppel, skel-pris, whisper, hyegun, dullahan Map 3 (7, but i saw someone's chat on #main that there are 10 holloween mob, maybe I just can't find the other 3) drainliar, rydric, ghostring, loli ruri, nightma, hyzo, quve
  2. The basic gears for leveling/farming gears for wizard is Flax Set (you may find this on wiki) + 4slot rod (centipede larvae cards) + replendent rings. Also, try to read this section from the old rebirthro forum. For farming, Misale made another thread for farming. You may want to visit the thread. Btw, welcome here.
  3. ...and because of this hood, I see green people everywhere.
  4. already log in hours ago.
  5. Oh yes, my bad. I read and re-read it again, why did I saw fabled sword
  6. Like WS, GS deals a huge damage per hit, which means (maybe) Fabled Sword is better than PP when it comes to that. You're the second one to answer that Fabled is better than PP. Thanks. How about snipers? They say PP is better than Fabled? Is that true? I don't have the items to test it out.
  7. Which is better, Poring Party or Fabled Sword?
  8. Bump, B>LKC, offer
  9. "C" stands for credits. 1c is equal to 100pp (premium points). In zeny terms, 1c is equal to 50m-55m each at the moment. Cata (short for Catacombs) is the basement level of Biolab map. You can go thru it from warpra>Biolab>Biolab basement.
  10. Hello, welcome back. Sadly, the forum is kinda dead, and so the game is. But there's still new players joining, so, ye. The economy sucks at the moment, you'll offer a decent price, but they'll counter offer you with a price way lower to your price (idf you're selling) and offer you overprice (if you were buying). You came back after 5 years, Hypa is being sold at 25c(?) now, Poring GM at 2c, Valkyrie/Thana at 6-7c, Tao at 5c, HWC at 60c(?), BCA at 4c and so on. For elu/ori, idk, maybe 3k-5k zeny. Ranked pots, maybe just the same as the old price. Cata is still the best way to level. There were new quests and instances that were added. New quests have been added to GHp, Wolchev's laboratory is added to Biolab quests, different instances were added like Bakonawa Extermination, Bangungot's Hospital and Buwaya's Cave all were based on Philippine folklore, the Golden Gole, the Icecrown, and the Magical Feather Quest. Others you can find in RRO wiki.
  11. dead
  12. so its not just me. i see i see..thanks.
  13. Is it just me having trouble opening the wiki? Its taking me sometime to open it.
  14. I like blue /gg AKA is <3
  15. As to the damage mods, as what Aka said: Strong Drake: Race: Undead - Chubby Bunny deals 50% more damage to undead. TG deals 20% damage to all (race script) so i guess it will stack with Chubby Bunny's 50%, same goes with drooping amistr Element: Undead - Chubby Bunny 50% Size: Medium - use Daehyon for 20% to medium sizes, or skeleton worker but its just 15%. OKC deals 20% more to all sizes, slotted in shoes, but pricey. Crit: The paper card / Aunoe Card thats 20% for damage from crits, Gbow 10%, LRW 25%, Anunaki 10%, all are crit script Attack: All that gives additional attack, like Gbow 35%, black/orange tie 8%, etc. The rule of stacking is same script adds, different scripts multiply. You can do calculations or just test your damage. Also, for gloom, the script is { bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Holy,40; bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Dark,40; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Angel,40; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Demon,40; },{},{}. Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 40%. . The element used is Dark/Shadow and Drake is Undead. Also, Gloom adds 40% damage to Angela and Demon race, Drake is Undead. That's why I think gloom is not necessary. But I didn't check, cause I'm lazy to decard. You may do so and see if it really adds damage to Drake. Click here for Race and Property/Element info. Hmm what else, oh that Swordfish and Marc Card. You don't need Swordfish if you already have 100% water resist since its not stackable. If you want, just use V. Vest and set warm wind to water, already unbreakble+warm wind. If you're gonna use other armor, make sure its unbreakable, or use grand marin card or fcp from alt creo. It will be useless if drake breaks your armor.