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  1. Maybe a simple glitch in the code Ancy just put the NPC? I don't know what I did wrong when I was banned. I just entered the digits correctly, the npc dialogue was gone. I continue to go and get fluff. To my surprise, the timer was still ticking in my chat box. I just ignored it cause what can I do, its just 60 secs. I thought nothing will happen since the dialogue box was already gone. The next thing I know, I'm in jail..then banned. I don't know what's wrong with what I did, and after I heard GMs saying stop talking to the NPC for a while, I thought there's something wrong with that code. Venus got my account unbanned, Phoenix got my character unbanned, thanks to them. But this cost me hours (didn't sleep till morning just to make sure my character is ok) which I think, and other players would agree, isn't fun for a game. Also, getting those who uses macro at the cost of other players' time (and patience) who don't, and seeing Ancy talking to #main as if those who complain in the main chatbox (who can blame them) are all guilty makes me sick.
  2. omg bacon, nostalgic
  3. bug report > issues > wishlist for this project
  4. Dunno if you're serious but he made a topic before about support priest build on woe and HL type HP. He just edited the title and the content to make a new topic. Maybe its better to make a new thread if your topic is different than before to avoid confusion.
  5. They said its bug atm. dunno if its bug or i just dont know what to do. i also come up with that nobby announcement but nothing happens when i click the door. iirc, lux did it before.
  6. added, some rental costumes
  7. deal done. thanks ^^
  8. Hi, gonna be online half to one hour. If you're still buying implosion. Gonna pm you or find you in main.
  9. bump
  10. added, loyal sedora egg
  11. Hi, if still up, please reserve me Ebow worth 1c. Thanks. PM sent.
  12. up