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  1. up
  2. Haven't seen this in a while
  3. im here now in ghp. typo queen is here too ^^
  4. lemme buy those. what time you usually on? imma be up today at 15:00-17:00 server time
  5. hi there. is there anychance you have stock of andalusite?
  6. Zodiac Signs Headgears (Suggestion: Quest please, where we will fight those Zodiac Monsters as MVPs) Aquarius Crown , Aquarius Diadem Pisces Crown , Pisces Diadem Aries Crown , Aries Diadem Taurus Crown , Taurus Diadem Gemini Crown , Gemini Diadem Cancer Crown , Cancer Diadem Leo Crown , Leo Diadem Virgo Crown , Virgo Diadem Libra Crown , Libra Diadem Scorpio Crown , Scorpio Diadem Sagittarius Crown , Sagittarius Diadem Capricorn Crown , Capricorn Diadem
  7. Quests are per character, not per account. cant think as of now what are quests that are account bound. iirc, I cant access mecadoll using my other chars. rachel, i think you can use warpra. other quests like new world quests are also per character.
  8. nuuuuuuuu why you tell them the secret..joke But yeah, try firebreath build for non-magic type. And use pragma and eddga.
  9. Nice guide Some notes though: Goal is to get 100% water resist. The squid will heal you with water attack when you have 100% water resist. - It can now? I thought it was changed, that it will just miss, not heal you. The Sign[1] - it doesn't have slot Left - +8 Vigilante Shield [1] with Hardrock Mammoth card - hardrock is an armor card
  10. Can't wait to watch it too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out of topic: This is not a movie. But anyone knows where I can watch online for free Attack on Titan Season 2? Any link? I can't find a good site. Thanks.