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  1. Is the pot for points already full? for real? And loki was down sarre wrong channel
  2. I used SG in VIP Dungeon. Warm wind and angra, together with miracle (when procs), FSK and whirlwind attack or other splash attacks. I used GTB cause of dispel. I like flying around.
  3. My account becomes Eir. Im in Loki. And some of the reported bugs' status became "new" even if they were fixed from the previous maint. @Phoenix
  4. arayt then. thankies <3
  5. So, you can do breaking the seal quest only once, and bribe the officer 10c for the two antiques? or You have to bribe the officer 5c and do another breaking the seal quest and bribe for another 5c to get 2 antiques?
  6. Bio4 is about to close. I'm about to quest breaking the seal. I've read that you need to bribe the police chief for 5c or 500m to get 1 antique. If I wanted to have 2 antiques, do I have to repeat the quest and bribe the officer for another 5c, or can I just bribe him for 10c and get 2 antiques, without repeating the quest?
  7. I wouldn't say that Esma/Damage build is the best path for linker. It depends on what you wanna do. You can do killing using Esma. You can use Pharaonic Crook to switch from magic to physical/status type. You can also be a little bit tanky and support (and annoy) everyone else (and /gg magicians). You can also build insta Kaizel type and support tankers in cedi, though you can make this on your alt linker. Here is the job discussions for SL from old forum site http://forums.rebirthro.com/forum/92-soul-linker/
  8. up
  9. I'm fine with the current cedi system. I don't agree with reverting back the cedi items into non tradeable, however I agree with limiting the cedi points you can accumulate per day, and kim explains it already. As to what your saying, there's a lot of good thing a newbie can do. RRO is full of customs. For example, its not always cedi wings. There's Golden Wing quest. When I was new here, I look for those players to help me get this wing. I don't know them but they help me anyway. Together with my brother, we got a new wing and its awesome. I still saw sometimes someone asking for help with the golden wing in #pr or here in forum. For headgear, there's Drooping Amistr, Magical Feather quest, RDC Helm. For armors etc, there's artistry, the ever famous alligator and flax set. There are other useful sets that others may look into. Also for accessories, there's Ruby/Sapphire Ring and other crafted rings. There are also crafted useful weapons. These you can do all by yourself. There are custom questable maps where you can access new maps and sell their loots for a good price (ex. thulean plateau, abbey temple) and, alligator set will do you good. You can run instance with the help of other players, like Fluffy, RDC etc. For equipments in farming and other instances, I say alligator set is on par. You can farm OCA, or farm zeny to buy OCA and run your own cedi. By that time, you should have your own circle of friends or guild to help you out. Also, with all the zennies you've already earned from that "repetitive click killing" called farming, you should have already bought cedi items. Farming is but one side of the game, its not the whole game. For higher end weapons/items, you can farm now in hoa. Iirc, I got my first woww using +4 go set and large blue wing given to me by my guildmates when they run cedi (when items were still untradeable), +10 rod with centipede larvae, rdc helm and ring of resonance. Those are just examples of what a newbie can do aside from cedi. Its not "ok-cedi-is-not-for-newbie-now-i-cant -do-anything-aside-from-killing-monster" at all. There are a lot of things you can do if you only have a reason for doing it. But I understand what you've said, running cedi for hours and getting nothing in return, while you could have just farm and do stuffs and you'll be having zenny in the end. That's the reason why I don't join other's run anymore. Well, its their run anyway, so ye..can't complain.
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  12. up dharma down
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  14. I'm in office too..and I'm bored and sleepy..and I just read your long ** words.. still I'm sleepy..this is nonsense comment. I'm sorry.