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  1. Hi, please file your suggestion in Bug Report Section/Tab in the upper left side of this page. Log in your account (register if you don't have an account yet), click submit/report an issue, then click feature request. I think that's how it works there, so they can look it up ( a lil bit weird though, bug report section>feature request)
  2. Thanks mita, and goodluck irl ^^
  3. Hi Mita, you quitting rro? btw, pc>esl
  4. fox ears

    thanks for the guide ^^. just like hoy said, you already have 105% water resist without water armor (115% with sedora), maybe you can replace water armor with reset girl's robe for further damage, then vert it with holy scroll.
  5. Its not in the cash shop? I saw it there before..http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Event_Lucky_Box
  6. Usually, prices of cards depends on their equivalent cedi points, like 20 pt cards range from 1-1.5m ea, 10pt cards 750k ea. For cedi card guide, here it is http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Cedi_MVP_System/Card_Values. But be careful, some cards are worth more than their cedi card values.
  7. For some reason, I like the sprite of the scarf. I don't care about the "surprise" effect which I find a lil bit irritating rather than surprising, especially with the premium ones, you'll buy it without knowing if the effect worth it (i didn't buy). And yes, you're right there ^. So if they want the "equality and prize farming" thing just make the christmas box account bound and leave alone our alts. Do not forbid them.
  8. OFFTOPIC (I'm sorry, don't want to make new thread on this) Just wondering why using alt is strictly forbidden in doing the event. If it is for the purpose of "equality and prize farming", why not make the gift box account bound? What if I want to my alt to have those head gears? Think there's not problem with that, isn't it? Also, I think you're tracing IP for the purpose of determining alts. But in our case, we share in one IP address. How's that? Forbidding alts in doing events is a little bit nah Just make the gift box account bound if you want and let our alts do the event.
  9. I think red tie / yoyo rucksack don't work on RDC. And ye, I didn't know that the minions casts strip shield, I thought its the leader. Thanks.
  10. Oh right, lemme try again, maybe I was so engrossed hitting that I didn't actually know what had happened. And they're re-spawning again and again and again lol. Maybe I should kill the leader a little bit faster. Thanks. Also, minions have different elements right? Can kill them with fire, but can't kill the last one or two, have to use water. Tried using pragma, maybe its their flee, but nah we miss too.