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  1. I wonder if they would add it to the cash shop until they get it fixed. Maybe that's pushing it a bit too far but if they're unable to fix it, they should definitely implement another way of obtaining it so newer players have a chance to get it as well.
  2. Screwed the server? I got banned and the item got removed. I didn't screw the server. Maybe it was the corrupt GM that screwed the server? You said weapons instead of weapon. It was one weapon that was instantly removed. So congrats to you buddy. You over exaggerate too...I wonder...You're just like her...Is that you Peach?
  3. I don't have to tell you about my past relationship issues. Who even are you? This post was to talk about WoEing as a poring. Stay on topic or get the fuck out. Quit replying if you have nothing to say about that. Quit bringing up shit that doesn't matter. Did that make you WoE as a poring? No? Then leave it out of the thread. Thanks man appreciate it.
  4. The drama right is basically that he fucked up because he did WoE as a poring. I called him out, posted on the forums, and now he brings up something irrelevant which happened over a year ago. So Thor drama is an upset crazy ex girlfriend who is mad about something that happened over a year ago. So you don't want to be apart of this community. It's so pathetic. I came back in hopes that everything was going to be magically better but I'm wrong like usually x_x
  5. Alright let me clear this up real quick. I took Peach's old weapon out of spite because of the things that were said to me. The weapon wasn't taken for me to use. It was a Shadow Chaser weapon which I would never use. The 4 card inside of it were cards for MVP hunting/Lvling. I didn't receive any cash shop points from anyone except myself. I donated around 2000 euro in a year so don't think I'm not a donor either. If you really cannot understand why I posted this on the forums then you're a fool. I posted this so this ISSUE can be FIXED. That's how BUGS are FIXED. Can you get that through your head? What do I gain out of getting you BANNED? How do I know that there was a poring event? I just come back and the only person I see as a poring is YOU. To me that's an issue. Why are you a poring? My thoughts were, did a GM turn you into a poring and forget to change you back? Maybe...There was an issue with the ninja skill and it perma turned you into a poring and nobody was able to assist you. Then I talk about it ingame and you completely ignore me. Instead you just continued you WoE knowing the fact that you're a poring. Do you not understand how that can be considered bug abusing? You obviously don't understand something....Do you think I gave Peach weapons or did I mention Ancyker because maybe he gave it to her with the intention of it to never be released to the public. Maybe I'm the one who fucked up and stole it for her out of spite just because of the things that were said and done to me. BLAME the GM who gave her the weapon. Why are you fucking blaming me? I'm not a fucking GM. I have no control over what is given. Do we want to bring up the past and how certain GMs abused shit? You think that's the only time a GM abused shit? Yet you're picking at that one little thing because you're salty as fuck that I reported an issue on the forums. I apologize that you're super butt hurt that I had no idea what was going on with your poring disguise and that I wanted it fix so I can actually have a bit of fun in WoE. You're in the wrong. Stop trying to write me in the wrong. Quit being a child, man up and admit you were in the wrong. You shouldn't of ever stepped foot in WoE as a poring. Admit it instead of blaming others and trying to hide your fuck up with excuses and bullshit reasons. Is the reason why you were a poring because Peach had a 4MVP card weapon? It is???Woah man I didn't know others dictated your actions naisu. 100% my fault that the weapon got released to the public. I shouldn't of reacted with my emotions. Instead I should of just sold it to the store or told him to claim it back. I got punished for my actions. So let that shit go. Why are you holding on to shit like a crazy ex girlfriend? Peach is that you??
  6. This wasn't an attempt to get you banned. Like I said before, I wanted it fixed immediately. That's how bugs and shit gets fixed. I said you're abusing because clearly I have no idea what fucking class you are? Are you that fucking dense? If I was using mage sprite, atleast you know I'm a fucking mage. I have no idea what class a fucking poring is....I'd say use your brain but it's non existent. I never EVER took shit from Peach. Don't bring Peach up to me because Ancyker is the one who did shit for her. If you want someone to talk to about that, mention Ancyker. I fucking dare you to. PLEASE bring him into this. I'd absolutely love for you to talk to him about Peach. Not to mention the fact that she's permabanned. Peach and I have no relationship. We broke up ages ago. It also sounds like you're threatening all the GMs on RRO saying you'll put it on ratemyserver. Good luck with that buddy. I hardly play this game. Put my name in it and they'll say who are you...? When's the last time you've seen Peach? Keep coming at me. I promise you, you'll end up losing. You have no idea what happened with that situation Never once have I tried to get someone banned. You realize people get warnings before they actually get into trouble right? Or have you never been banned before? Oh right I have been banned :^) So I know the rules alittle bit more than you do buddy. I do understand you guys are upset we took your castle but that's no reason to bash me for reporting a bug/feature that wasn't intended for WoE. http://imgur.com/a/Q8FBq *cough quad MVP card with PVE cards inside them that someone else used for WoE which drastically decreased the amount of damage they did cough*
  7. I use mage sprite when it was allowed and wasn't frowned upon. After he set those strict rules, I definitely didn't woe with anything except warlock. I think the rules also state that you cannot hide your class as in, going first class. Baby Warlock is still a warlock. Warlock is a warlock is a warlock. Now appearing as a poring is a completely different story. Like I said, I wanted them to talk to him. I didn't say BAN HIM NOW PLS HE'S ABUSING REPORTED HACKER. I legit posted something on the forums with the intention of it being brought to light. Not for someone to blast me about an issue that has passed and been dealt with. I told a GM about it and they've taken care of it. Most likely, not a ban. Everyone gets a warning. You don't just get a ban out of nowhere unless you've done something seriously wrong.
  8. When I WoE, the only thing I use is baby. I never use first sprite. I stopped using it once it became against the rules. I told him just relog and he kept continuing to WOE. How am I suppose to know what he is even doing? I reported it so he can get a warning. A warning is better than a ban. He's lucky ancyker didn't see that shit. He doesn't play games when it comes to WoE.
  9. http://imgur.com/a/Q8FBq Player was appearing as a poring. I told him to relog multiple times and told him he'll get banned for it. He just kept woeing.
  10. I was told before that the ascendant orc card does 10% more damage on players as well. Is that true or does it only apply for PVE?
  11. Ancy put a lot of work into this. It's really sad to see it go to waste so i'll definitely start playing again if it means, someone is working on the server.
  12. Wonderful idea. I would definitely come back if there was changes like this. Just QoL changes is good enough for me. Hopefully its good for everyone else too.
  13. Did Thor super die? I only see 15 people online whenever I log in. Do people still WoE?