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  1. Daniella in Amatsu is at 268 187. Alexander in Louyang is at 199 128. Claire in Ayothaya is at 91 172.
  2. Only about 550 hit needed for Resco, it's pretty easy as long as you read the guides. I think the formulation for max crit is 100 + (mob luk/5) but im not certain.
  3. Some monsters are resistant to crit, such as goblins in the resco rdc, in those cases its better to use a hit build. Other than that there's no need for dex unless you wanna make some kind of hybrid crit sin which can also use skills.
  4. Hahahah crazy Jackie, gotta love him.
  5. Lol what did Jackie do? Hoard 100 tie boxes then sell for 10c ea or something?
  6. There are more of these items in the server now, and fewer new players to buy them, therefore the supply exceeds the demand and the price drops. Simple economics. There are a dozen other factors, some of which have been mentioned above, but this is the most important one I think
  7. lol Green Leafy admitted to being one of the people who KS other peoples mvp. So you can pretty much ignore their opinion on this subject.
  8. 100% agree that the announcement should only be inside. It's absolutely absurd that the entire castle map gets to see it, it's like it's set up specifically to allow douchebags to KS.
  9. Klint come back to RRO it's empty without you. <3
  10. My in game names are Condensation and Karthuk predominantly. I do cedi quite a lot and RDC occasionally.
  11. Pretty sure players are classed as "normal" so the damage bonus should apply to them too. Easiest way is just to test it
  12. Yes, is this Klint? Do you remember Arithorn?