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  1. Some FEWDIO shorts are under 2 minutes, but there are a couple that genuinely freaked me out, like the one with the baby monitor. Let me know what you think.
  2. Have you seen the short horror flicks on youtube called FEWDIO? There are a few of them, I'd would check them out if you like that sort of things. They are absolutely fantastic, way scarier than full-length horror films. I'm loving those Search and Rescue stories! +1 for that!
  3. 3 AK in Coronis, the extra slot is the only thing which makes it superior. Use FCP to prevent it from breaking rather than placing a card in it which makes it indestructible. Also, referring back to your original guide, I think HBP is better for sniper all round, DS damage is also affected by the increase in ranged damage, so for a sniper even a +7 HBP is better than GDS. Most of the guide is excellent though, I'm just pointing out some inconsistencies in order to help. ^^
  4. I make it to 600k damage on Cthullu with WS buffs while True Sight is active. I can't break 600k with GB. Let me know what you find.
  5. Well my sniper is max-stat, and Coronis is definitely better especially with HPB. Lesti and other pro cedi snipers who are not max stat also use Coronis. Again though, it only works if you vert fire then go back to reset girls robes + pasana. Which is the best armor for tier A as far as I know.
  6. Coronis Wing and Black-Fletched Arrow combo is better than Goblin Bow for tier A regardless of whether you're crit-locking or DS/BS, as long as you have fire converters now that vvest doesn't stick any more. +1 for the guide.
  7. Welcome to Loki, and congrats on equipping yourself so quickly!
  8. This is one of the best noobie guides I've seen. Awesome job.
  9. This server is already essentially pay to win. We don't need more advantages for donors. One of the major problems this server is having at the moment is accessibility to newer players. Providing more advantages to established players is counter productive.
  10. I love Slow Loris, it's apparently quite cruel to keep them as pets though, they spend most of their time terrified, which is why they raise their arms as they do in the videos of them.
  11. I think it's pretty clear he's saying that it's the people who are participating in WoE who are the problem, not the structure of WoE itself. Not that fighting is the problem...
  12. I actually found that extremely helpful.
  13. I've literally never had any items from WoE, didn't even know there was a rewards system to be honest. Guild points as rewards would be cool, and then maybe stuff like a very low chance of receiving cedi instead.
  14. You'd probably need a more complex system for that. So maybe increase the amount of guardian stones needed to get to the emp, and the rewards will be provided if you can hold the castle for a full woe, and how good the rewards are will depend on how many of your guardian stones were broken in the process. Obviously the better prizes will be for the least guardian stones broken. That's just off the top of my head though, it would need thinking through.
  15. You could formulate the rewards based on how well a guild holds a castle (but not just one specific castle like Himinn), which would demonstrate how well they play as a team rather than just how good their individual members are.