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  1. Welcome back!
  2. Wedding Accepted! Congratulations!
  3. Welcome Back! & Have a mysterious stay~
  4. @Jac Added a new feature.
  5. So there's an issue about the PVP Doom map and we would like to replace it. But before that, the staff needs your opinion on what map we're going to replace it. So here are the candidates. Option 1 2009rwc_03 pvp_2vs2 RWC_01 [email protected] Top Part I'll make a poll so that you guys can pick and we'll replace doom with the winning map. Option 2 We add the winning map for a new pvp room. Best Regards, Mystery
  6. * lurks*
  7. Okay this has gone far enough.
  8. Stick to the TOPIC. This is not the place to hear your jibber jabbers about who is who and what is what. This is a warning. Again, Stick to the TOPIC .
  9. Well we can take that refinement restriction then. Because to be honest, a new player with Drooping amistr, Gobline Bow, Recondite Rings and Alligator Set can take down a Donor equipped player which is a good thing, it proves that non-donors are viable to kill/break in or during WOE.
  10. What do you guys think of having a non-donor and donor WOE mix up with your ideas. If we trying to aim something new then why not add non-donor woe? As with those realm rotations, low-mid-high tier and refinement restrictions.
  11. Finally, someone said it.
  12. I think they will know if its a bug. The drop rate is 0.10%. If they keep getting 10 pcs every 20 kills then they know its bugged.
  13. @S l o
  14. Answer: The bubble gums that drops from the item (Diamond Heart) isn't the same item code as per those normal onces (Cedi bubble gums and etc). Some people have 1000 pcs of bubble gums by doing cedi (which is the code for the cedi drop bubble gum).
  15. ^ This link pretty much says everything. My deepest apology if I hurt your feelings, but in this case its all about the players who did what they shouldn't and still pursued with it knowing it is wrong. I do not go against the so-called blood of the application but if these bug abusers are the viruses, then I'm the lymphocyte, macrophages and neutrophils that keeps them away. The test site is a complete copy of Loki and it was working as intended. I guess these things do happen then. In retrospect, this is normal.