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  1. Feel free to post for the next days. October 19, 2017 Map 1 Doppelganger, Gibbet, Lude, Mummy, Dullahan, Hylozoist Map 2 Skeleton Prisoner, Evil Druid, Marionette, Jakk, Whisper, Zombie, Familiar, Knight, Loli Ruri, Drainliar, Quve Map 3 Flame Skull, Ancient Mummy, Ghostring, Hyegun, Raydric, Nightmare, Bathory
  2. Having the same issue for days now
  3. Forums is not the place to report hacked/scammed accounts. Check support.rebirthro.com Goodluck~
  4. ~Stalker/Paladin - Matk build copy Grand Cross and get the vip angra spam all the way. You can't kill Alvilda with this tho but pretty much can kill the others. ~GS - Desperado them all with amistr hat you'll do good. Use cursed water for Alvilda. ~HP - Magnus them all with and ignore Alvilda. ~SinX - Get high crit. Amistr beret with kiki cards, Flamel, hardened sword, perun axe etc. Goodluck pro~ <3 PS: Get anti knockback when killing, Eddga boots to lure. GTB isn't a must but can be useful
  5. Selling: +9 Heroic Backpack a/s 12c Trident Costume a/s 25c Fallen Rose Petals Costume (Can Recolour) a/s 25c Emperor Helm/Wings/Shoulders Costume a/s 25c/25c/20c Little Devil Horn/Wings/Tails Costume a/s 25c/25c/20c Tard Mask / Rabo De Gato Tail Costume a/s 15c Sold: 2x +10 Valkyrja's Shield a/s 5c +10 Very Very Very Strong Meridien's Hardened Sword a/s 15c Fable Card a/s 35c Thanatos Card a/s 7c Hypatia Card a/s 30c Randgris Card a/s 7c +10 Great Demon Shroud a/s 12c +10 Goblin Bow a/s 7c I would prefer if you'd mail me ingame with the time of deal (Server Time) or for offers. All prices are negotiable, so you can send me a decent offer Thanks~
  6. The leader deserve the right to give or not to give loot since it's his/her run and his/her points. He ask for 'help' from other people and they have the option to help or not to help. If the leader ditch without sharing loots, it's normal unless you 'help' and expect something in return. (It's a dick move tho) Your suggestion will have the same result as now. If you do cedi alot, you should know it. Anyways there's a feature request here where you can send your request Goodluck.
  7. Garm's attack that hurts abit is neutral element, better get assump against him. Tier A tank (My personal set) +10 Tenishi Ring Large Blue Wing (Leaf Cat Card) 10% Flying Devil +10 Variegated Vest (Ghostring Card) +10 Calignous Cloak (Marse Card) 5% + 30% +10 Ebony Greaves (Icering Card) 15% +10 Valkyrie Shield (GTB / Aqua Elemental Card) 20% + 20% +16 Def keris (Golem Card) +5 Topaz Ring +5 Emerald Ring Note that if you go for GTB, bring Coldproof Potion for the extra -20% water resist. +10 is a must if you really want 99 Hdef~ Goodluck
  8. I don't understand y'all but I love meeting new people LOL welcome to RRO~ me no habla español
  9. server login

    Tried patching your client?
  10. Up
  11. My wild guess will be you using GTB card. Try removing it.
  12. Do the acolyte job change quest Edit: Also you can buy it using mining points.
  13. Once fixed, going to the entrance of the instance will be harder than finishing it
  14. Up
  15. Everyone here came from being a noob, to average, to pro player. Do you think if you remove eden set, the 5 members of your guild that you mention in your story including you can kill that sniper? "What newbie or average player can do in this? We never ever can touch pro players sir.". I'll tell you what to do, play abit harder and try to get those stuffs that can make you tanky and can provide you a "Killing build", play abit harder and have the experience of meeting other "average" and "pro" players and sooner or later you can go back to that sniper mentioned and rekt him. Just a piece of advice.