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  1. Hello Dears, So here is where you'll be posting your GM Wedding Applications. After posting said application we will then review it and accept it directly on your post so please be sure to check back! P.S. Please make sure to also carefully read this link before posting. Yours truly, The GM Staff
  2. Hello Barbossa, I'm terribly sorry to hear that. Its always a sad time to watch someone leave and this is unfortunately one of those times. I sincerely hope your future road from here on is a far less traveled one. We're always thinking of ways to make the game more enjoyable to the players and hopefully someday soon that will pay off. Then maybe your road will lead back to us. Know you'll always have a place with us here, take care dear. Best regards, Venus.
  3. Aw, thank you very much. Your going to make me blush >_< Although, I do still wish you'd change that name. I refuse to call you ugly, PrettyBoy.
  4. Hey guys, Alexa Sniper I believe so and no its not the same effect. Its has a similar effect of the "Peter Cottontail" balloon, please refer to the wiki to view the difference. Your welcome Cheerful Sanguine. Take care! -Venus
  5. Hey A Newb Sniper, That would be a bug. Even with premium items you should be able to equip them in legit area's (they just wouldn't have any effect there which would render them useless). Please report it to the bug reports when you get the chance at [bugs.rebirthro.com]. I'm also excited for the "Wing Scarf" as well. I hope everyone likes it. -Venus Premium items no longer equipable in non-donor areas [was done because so much confusion with it] - Birdie
  6. Hey A Newb Sniper, From what I've been told (since I have asked about them before) the black and orange ties should/does work in legit area's. The slot however should not since its not meant to be there in the first place and is a small glitch (in case your wondering the slot does work in non-legit area's though). Sadly, at this moment I'm unsure if because you have a card in it if that will stop it from working completely in a legit area or not, but I will make a point to test it when I get the chance. In terms of the "Puffy Dragon" its a bit of a special item. Its not a event item, but it is considered a "Moveable Premium". Interesting right? -Venus
  7. Hey A Newb Sniper, from what I understand it should be. However, correct me if I'm wrong aren't most event items legit? No problem at all, glad I was able to shed some light. -Venus
  8. Hello dear lokians~ We'll consider it, however no promises. As soon as the maintenance goes in (if it hasn't already) the newer event items effects should be implemented (from Christmas). So you'll all be happy to see "Wing Scarf" effect will be "7% damage to all races when using physical attacks" which is similar to the "Peter Cottontail" balloon (if you like it make sure to thank Birdie). I'm currently in the progress of making the wiki for it along with the other event item. Hope you enjoy it and like Lance Eisengard said pounder over V-Day before Easter (even though bunnies are adorable and the idea of more items of them is just...) since that's the next holiday (Gotta love that lovey dovey feeling am I right?). Have a good one guys! -Venus
  9. Welcome back Gemarie~ RebirthRO has changed in a lot of ways, but there are still quite a lot of people willing to help out however they can in whatever way they can. The GM team being a couple of those people, for sure. So should you see me or any of the other staff members in town don't be a stranger, we'd be happy to answer any questions about the game you may have (As long as its not help desk related). Hope to see you soon, take care! -Venus
  10. Hello~ Welcome Seijin, we're happy to have you back. Hope you enjoy your stay here on RebirthRO. I also hope to see you around, take care! -Venus
  11. Hello! I'm really sorry to hear about the bug, we're working to fix it so please bare with us although I am curious if its the same one I'm thinking about. Were you guys by any chance the same sex when you married? Please do let me know so it can be added to the bug reports over on bugs.rebirthro.com to be fixed if its not already there. Also, should you run into any problems in the future and can't figure it out yourself, fell free to head over to the help desk, we'd be more then happy to help c: (In Loki) and if you don't want to do that you can also try asking #main for quick responses (most times) -Venus
  12. Hello Lokians, It has come to our attention that a lot of players are unaware that overwriting your costumes are NOT allowed and what we consider to be against the rules. So needless to say it is heavily frowned upon While certain things have been put in place were you can not do most of it anymore, the ones already done seem to still be remaining and new ones seem to be popping up. Now, this is a warning for everyone that is currently using the old exploit. Should any of the GM staff catch you while you're doing it, we WILL strip you at anytime or at any place with no warnings. If you decide to take advantage of/abuse any and all of the current bugs regarding the costumes and we catch you using them after this warning please be prepared to face the punishment that goes along with using them. It matter not what your doing when we catch you, that includes, but is not limited to afking, sitting down, talking, questing, farming, fighting, etc. Always remember, you might not see us, but we see you (and we will be checking) P.S The best way to avoid all of this is to simply not alter your costume in anyway, shape or form (we're not saying you can't use the costumes, we're saying not to ALTER them). Yours truly, The GM Staff
  13. @Mita Thank you very much Mita, I sincerely hope I can make a difference on the server for the better. Even if its just a little bit. I'll work hard towards it, I promise... I want to be able to live up to all of your expectations. It would really devastate me to disappoint any of you.
  14. @Uzu @CaptainBarbel @A Newb Sniper @The Effect Thank you all, I look forward to working on RRO. I appreciate the warm welcomes and the kindness all of you have shown me.
  15. @Unipyo @The Effect Well~ She's nice to me <3