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  1. Watched it and this is Gods be damned Epic if you ask me.
  2. Iconic.
  3. Kinda miss Vanessa's voice.
  4. Two words. Fucking. Awesome.
  5. Yeah, I get you man, it is the most serious of the Star Wars film ever made and I kinda expected a whole lot from it. I was so pumped up. Even hoped it got better after that confusing start, but I dunno, it just didn't click with me. I kinda felt that it could have been better. Frame Jyn more aggressively after her father's death? Make Galen Erso not so predictable? Like I knew he would be setting something up with that Death Star the moment he joined. Have a political uprising before they set themselves up as rogues? Set Cassian with a little bit more of an intriguing scene maybe? His scenes were too...??? Urgh, can't find a word, incomplete? Yeah, incomplete that I wonder why he's somewhat major when I feel like I barely know him once he joined up with Jyn. Like they just copy/pasted them in with the group abruptly. -shrugs- Maybe I'm just slow at following people. It was def bromance. That was true bro friendship dude. They were god damn beautiful. And yeah, that crap ending. I really did not get why they placed that unnecessary romance at the end. Like, this is supposed to be serious. Can't there be a pour of emotion without it being tarnished by people eating their faces? Maybe have it with only Jyn having a moment with her dead parents instead? It was another thing I didn't like. I thought the robot's end was more compelling than what they did with Jyn. Come on, those two didn't even look good together ========================