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  1. That's gonna stay 1 by 1 =[
  2. I'm just going to be straight with you. No. In addition to this no, we have fixed brandish for LKs. Please read maintenance notes from now on. Thank you.
  3. Guidelines: You need to provide as much information as possible. Names involved (In game names not user names), date and time it occurred. Screenshots <- these are your lifeblood, cherish that print screen button. However, if you attempt to use a screen that is altered/doesn't show the date time or has any form of editing you will not like the answer you receive from us. If you don't provide the needed information your ticket may get ignored. Updates: NO RESPONSE GM WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!! In order for us to be able to help you, you need to check your ticket at least once a week. Loaf and I have dozens of tickets we replied to for people to sign up for help desk to get something fixed/returned for them. We can't help you, if you don't help yourselves. GM you said you replied to people why not to me???!!! This is probably because it requires an admin to look at or approve. We do not handle donation issues nor do we handle big ticket items (at this time). So if your problem falls under that, you'll have to wait just a bit longer for a response. Bugs: GM I HERE 2 REPORT BUG That's great, unless its something that can be abused for personal gain.. like how lunchbox+mvp slaves used to be, the bugs should be reported here: bugs.rebirthro.com if you want them fixed, not submitted to support. Bans: GM Y I BANNED??!!! GM CAN U UNBAN ME I PAY?????!!!! We will not unban you without an amnesty event occurring. End of story. If you were banned because you let your "brother", cat or pet rock play your account in your absence.. well that sucks. But you hit 'I agree' every time you log in, meaning you agree to abide by any and all rules of the server. Which includes that you take responsibility for the account, regardless of who was playing it.
  4. Website Installer has been updated with the new patches =3 Please delete your old RRO Files fully and re-download. This should fix your erroring problem
  5. So you feel like sponsoring an event, awesome! Please fill out this form and submit it to my inbox. Date/Time you wish to have it[In server time](I'm available everyday except on Wednesdays after 3am server time):_________________ Event Type [Death by Dice, Live By Dice, Zombies ate My Novice, Run for Your Life, Trivia, Death by Boolean, Hide & Seek, Time Bomb]:___________________ Prize you are offering[must be something you have already; a donate, credits, event points]:____________
  6. Please post it as a feature request here: bugs.rebirthro.com I'm aware it makes little sense to have suggestions there but that is how it is being done currently.
  7. AI

    @Lance Eisengard Of course it is safe. It is straight from my rro folder and I have no viruses. So chill out with that paranoia mate. https://virustotal.com/en/file/a68b250bf3bfa490e8e9e9d522ae689b534ed9201ec448be08140b4e164211e8/analysis/1482862062/
  8. AI

    This if for those having trouble with their default AI and it giving them errors. Here is the default AI without errors. Just delete your old AI folder and replace it with this one. (you need to extract it using winrar) AI.rar
  9. Not a bug, just tested it. Your enemy was either against a wall or using anti-knockback.
  10. Forwarded to the admin.
  11. Ancy said the eta for the fix is 'this week'. Soon as I know more, a post will be made for those that are affected by this problem.
  12. We announced in game, I editted my post soon as I was aware it was fixed, Ancyker announced in Discord when it would restart. I'm sorry you were unaware =/
  13. Worked if you cleared your cache (browsing data). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Too late for it =[