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  1. Costumes are doable. I'd say no to @size. Too much potential for abuse. I'd really prefer to read suggestions that aren't filled full of drama for once. 18 posts deleted. Stick to topic or don't participate in the conversation. Thanks.
  2. Still a sprite error might have to reinstall
  3. It sounds like you're having sprite issues. Please download the client fixer. https://community.rebirthro.com/topic/590-fix-most-issues-without-a-complete-reinstall/ If that doesn't work let me know.
  4. Don't think the refinement restrictions will be very good. Since there are players with high skill and low refines as well as low skilled players with high refines.
  5. What's to stop better skilled players from just using +4 gears and going up against the lower skilled players? Won't this also cause more of the "There's no one to fight" issue? ---- We already have a 10v10 GvG mode, its called Battle Grounds =[
  6. First off, accusing people without proof is against the rules. Second, if you have any doubts about a player's "skills" and/or spam you need to video it and submit it to support.rebirthro.com This thread is meant to help make woe more fun for everyone. So stick to the topic instead of saying this "idea is horrible blah blah" or "this guy is cheating and ruining woe blah blah". Be constructive and help promote progress of the system instead of being the roadblock. Introduce new ideas, keep your drama/bias out of this topic. Thank you.
  7. Because currently the "rewards" only go to the guild leader. There is a "castle rewards" npc but it gives those costume castle wings atm.
  8. ^Sounds like how Economy works currently. It tallies up during WoE based on how long you hold the castle. Economy gives the guild the ability to obtain items used to make god items after WoE has completed and day has restarted. However, if we were to add new / better items, these items dropped/ required from castle drops would also change so that older guilds would not have an advantage with having these required materials stocked up from the get go. In addition, adding more guardian stones is just giving the guild that owns the castle more of an advantage. Currently, guilds that own WoE 2.0 castles get 2 guardian stones, guardians themselves (if the guild summons them) and 3 barricades from the start of WoE. This is generally good enough to fend off guilds for all of WoE. But our issue right now is that WoE has turned into kill counts (War of Entrance) rather than War of Emperium. If we were able to implement a rewards system that rewarded everyone in the guild instead of just the guild leader, what would people like to see? Consumables? Rental items? Some guild points? Give us an idea of what you'd like to see rather than "give us stuff plox".
  9. 2 Castles per realm with rotation, limiting it to 2 realms open per woe? or just 2 castles period?
  10. We were thinking about changing up WoE and wanted the community's input. What would you like to see change? Are there things you like about how the current WoE System is? Are there things you absolutely hate? (We all know you hate macro. That's not what this topic is about so don't bring it up, you'll be ignored if you do.) When I asked in game I got mostly the same 2 suggestions: lessen castle count better rewards. Do you agree with these suggestions? Do you have anything you would like to add on to this? Do you have ideas on what kind of rewards you'd like to see come out of it, if we go with that suggestion?
  11. No guarantees it will get fixed right away, but I'll check it out. I'm not too familiar with renewal, so we'll see.
  12. They look like this in Loki: Should have looked the same in Thor. I'll ask about why they're coming up as unknown for you guys and see if they can patch it in again.
  13. Found out what the problem is. Another GM overwrote the valentine bags for thor. Don't click them until I post here about it being fixed.