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  1. A few good ideas. If you have anymore feel free to keep posting them.
  2. Stay tuned for some quests =3 if you have any ideas for how to get a particular headgear, feel free to suggest it.
  3. I've collected most of these ideas, so stay tuned for some quests =3
  4. [Loki Only] Forgot to add some things~ New pets in the premium pet shop npc in go 16 Lilith : 3% non-stackable resistance to Holy Element. [Loyal Effect]: 3% more damage with Holy elemental attacks and magic. Siren: 3% non-stackable resistance to the water element. [Loyal Effect] 3% more damage done with Water elemental attacks. Hera: 3% non-stackable resistance to the Dark element. [Loyal Effect] 3% more damage done with Dark elemental attacks and magic
  5. Ello Players! Servers are down for maintenance so here is the scoop on what you'll find has changed or been added to your server. All Servers: [Added] Cash Shop items! Can view the available ones on this thread: Click me to see the pictures! Eir's items have been adjusted to +5 all stats. Thor will get costume versions as per usual. New wedding npc! [Fixed] Treasure Basket - Adjusted to drop food items at a low percentage. (These food items also have no zeny value at the npc) #362 Loki: [Added] Newer Aura-Type Cash Shop items get recolours! (they will get added to the recolour meowster later on) A repair feature has been added to the MVP Protector in all MVP rooms on Loki. Feature Request #389 Various cards added to vip monsters. Wolfchev weapons drops are now tradeable but bind on equip. [Fixed] Added newer donation items to the restrictions list for "nondonate" areas. Meaning no more being able to wear various donations into non-donation areas.#376 Event Bell Ribbon's effects have be fixed to only work while the item is equipped (again) When using a Taekwon class character in BG you will no longer get stuck if you run into a stone for Stone Control. It will immediately stop your skill as if you had cancelled it yourself.#361 RDC Rewards Officer now allows you to buy in multiples instead of 1 by 1 like before. Feature Requests #108 & #167 Triple Inferno has had it's chance to pop up lowered to accommodate those that dislike the match type. Feature Request #373 Novice Angra Manyu Removed from areas that normal Angra Manyu cannot be used. Thor: [Fixed] Ljosalfar costume now has the proper view id. #384 Flash Combo damage fixed #382 Pile Bunker [0] should now be working as intended.#374 Eir: [Added] Cstorage npc has been added to Prontera!! =3 New items in the Cash Shop. Their stats have been adjusted to match the normal +5 all stats for middle gears. [Fixed] Soul Linker's Kaupe no longer has Loki's stats. It now only blocks 1 hit as it should. Blessing/ Increase Agility no longer give others +20 all stats while giving self +10. It now only gives +10 as it should. Clown NPC is no longer clowning around. Working as it should now. #346 Healer no longer gives buffs. Feature Request #338 [Removed] Did a re-haul on Eir's Item Database. Loki stat donation items have been removed from Eir's item database entirely. (Why were these in there...) ^ Means if you had an item with stats for Loki and didn't turn yourself in before... well, you're going to be sol on trying to recover it.
  6. A few days ago we released some new cards, a shield and some new donation items into Loki. So far the donation items are only available on the website cash shop: www.rebirthro.com/cash-shop Please visit it often to check if there are new things available =3 VIP Dungeon has received monster cards! [Loki only] Alvilda Card: Equips on Headgear If Base Vit >= 110 and the player is wearing Elemental Shield, this card grants immunity to the Burning Status. Peter Easton Card: Equips on Headgear If Base Vit >= 110 and the player is wearing Elemental Shield, this card grants immunity to the Cold Status. Enrique Brower Card: Equips on Accessory Grants use of the skill OverCharge level 3. George Booth Card: Equips on Garment Flee +10. If Base Agi >= 60, Attack Speed +2%. If Base Int >= 80, Max HP +3%. If Base Dex >= 80, Critical Damage +3%. John Bowen Card: Equips on Shoes Increases damage dealt to the Poison Property by 10%. Lawrence Prince Card: Equips on Armour Flee -50. Adds a small chance to cast Wide Stone when receiving damage. Thomas Anstis Card: Equips on Shield Increases Resistance to the Demon Race by 20%. Increases damage to the Demon Race by 5%. Grace O'Malley Card: Equips on Weapon Atk +50. Critical Damage +10%. Henry Morgan Card: Equips on Armour Grants immunity to Freeze. [All Classes Except Magician] When recieving damage, there is a chance to autocast Deluge on yourself. [Magician Class] When recieving damage, adds a chance to cast Tarot Card of Fate on the enemy. Vip Equip (maybe more in future) [Loki only] Elemental Shield: Adds 20% resistance to Water Fire, Undead and Shadow property attacks. MDEF +5 Adds 50% resistance to the Burning and Cold statuses. [Combo Bonus] When equipped with Alvilda Card and 110 Base Vit you will gain immunity to the Burning status. When equipped with Peter Easton Card and 110 Base Vit you will gain immunity to the Cold status. New Cash Shop Items: Bouncing Balls: [Loki]: 4 Slots All stats +25. [SuperNovice, Super Baby] Increases Damage with Ranged attacks by 3%. [Eir]: 2 Slots All stats +5. Meteor Storm: [Loki] 4 Slots All stats +25. Decreases After-Cast Delay from Meteor Storm, Fire Bolt, and Fire Ball by a small amount. [Eir]: 2 Slots All stats +5. Sweet Tooth Ring: [Loki] 4 Slots All stats +25. Increases Movement Speed by 25%. [Eir]: 2 Slots All stats +5. Flock of Bats: [Loki]: 4 Slots All stats +25. Adds a 1% chance to inflict the Blind status when physically attacking an enemy. [Eir]: 2 Slots All stats +5. More things to come at maintenance =3
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  8. Thanks for reporting. @Puff Scientist What Time are you usually online in game
  9. DO NOT under ANY circumstances download/login to on links that a friend sends to you in facebook/discord/other messenger that they claim are associated to RebirthRO official links. IE: If it is not from our rebirthro.com main site or from someone from Staff do not trust it period. Staff will never ask for your password. If you ever have doubts that the person you are speaking to is Staff, ask them to recall you to helpdesk.
  10. No to the aspersio scrolls and damned scrolls we have those given in legit ways on the other server(Loki). Safe Refine tickets I'm hesitant to put it into the cash shop but it can be discussed. We can implement similar ways for Thor players to obtain aspersio scrolls and damned scrolls that Loki players have.
  11. New Cash Shop Items have appeared for all servers. Please read the description carefully. To view the sprite click the spoiler tab below! [Loki] Fairy Love [4]- +25 all stats. Increases resistance to Wind by 10% but reduces your resistance to Fire by 10%. [Eir] Fairy Love [2]- +2 all stats. Increases resistance to Wind by 3% but reduces your resistance to Fire by 3%. [Thor] Costume: Fairy Love. All colours available in cash shop. [Fixes] [Note that these are experimental and need confirmation from players.] All Servers Premium Races have been fixed so that you cannot save races/dyes during the trial period. #360 Fixed an issue with the stylist NPC also reverting Premium Race when using the "Randomize" option. #240 Loki Fixed an option in the Recolour NPC regarding Event Bell Ribbon. #358 Succubus Pet should now work no matter what the egg id is. #355 Blood will have Blood Quest should no longer give access to the whole account but per character as it should have been. #297 Consumable Fish should be working minus the ones for Stone and Sleep. You cannot use an item when in those statuses so a new effect will have to be made for these. #352 &#353 Novice Angra Manyu has been added to the restriction mapflags and should no longer be use-able in PvP areas. #357 +10 Stat Foods now have a 30 second delay for healing HP added to them. They can still be spammed but they will not heal you for anything during the 30 second cool down.(ie Spamming them would essentially be a waste) #354 Ring of Resonance no longer proc's Assumptio in BG areas. #347 Thor Fixed a typo in the Einbroch Mystery Mine Quest #89 Eir /Memo is now working as intended. #310 The Clown Job Change NPC is now working as intended. #346
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  13. Follow this and you'll be able to view all of them. Warning Large Files. Manual Patch Download Available: For those having issues patching or are unable to see the new donation items in the game please download these 2 files. You will need winrar in order to open rebirth.rar Rebirth.grf Version 2 -This is what allows you to view item Sprites. You will need to have your client off and delete your previous version of rebirth,grf in your folder: rroitemInfo.lub -This allows you to view inventory items. Again you will need to have your client off and delete your previous version of rroitemInfo.lub in your SE/System folder will look like this:
  14. None that I'm aware of. @Soraka However, locking this topic as its just turning into cancerous back and forth repetitive arguments. Please vote for what you think is most appropriate and leave it at that.
  15. So this topic is the product of someone in the discord complaining about how their refines were gone and demanded we revert it back to before we opened Eir again. We wanted to know what the actual feeling of the server was. So here we are.