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  1. Yea, if you see unknown items, there's a patch missing somewhere.
  2. AI

    Here's a pre-made Azzy Ai. Just delete the previous USER_AI and put this in its place USER_AI.rar
  3. Nvm! Found out the problem you're having, -should- be fixed. And should be able to participate once per day on both loki and thor =3
  4. Ello Lokians AND Thorians! I'm excited to announce an event for BOTH servers! Yes, Thorians you weren't forgotten this time. I'd like to apologize for it being late and would like to wish you all a very belated, Happy Valentine's Day! I've been working on this project for a little bit(alot a bit) now. (I'm somewhat new to scripting so forgive me for any errors that may pop up.) Some of you oldies may even recognize a bit of the event once you play. I've always found that game to be fun, so I worked it in for this =3 Loki AND Thor: ==========How To Participate========== You'll start in Prontera, our center capital in Midgard. You'll find [Cupid] on a pedestal. He needs your help! You will either help him or not, its your choice. (You'll get nothing if you don't, common sense yea?) You'll find out that Cupid's little hut in Jawaii was ransacked and various letters were stolen... What kinda nutjob steals Valentine letters? We heard from surrounding villagers he looks pretty shady and goes by the name James.. if that is even his real name. Cupid will give you 10 Valentine Chocolates a day for 21 20(maint lasted for the 1st day) days or until the next maintenance occurs, whichever happens first; in order to bribe this creepazoid into giving you the letters he has. You'll be forced to play a game with him, that makes...very little sense. But be warned you can die, so be prepared. You must win for a chance to get various items, 3 of which are the letters that were stolen! Now you've got these letters that the chocolate muncher stole. You're probably wondering what do I do with these. That's simple you need to find 3 npcs that are around in 3 different towns. Find them and give them the letter for a treat. You'll find out their names when you obtain their letters. After all that if you get a hat or item you had already you can visit Cupid's cousin, Trussie, in Prontera on the opposite side of the fountain that the Halloween exchanger is on. But instead of just exchanging for hats you don't have, you have to play that game with the creep again, so be prepared to see alot of his ugly mug. ======Rewards====== There are 3 hats I found for this event and 4 our Admin has brought in(his have recolours!). Loki: Frilled Flower Band [2]: +10 to all stats; Enables use of level 7 Increase Agi. [Upper][Recolourable] Frilled Flower Robe [1]: +10 to all stats; Enables use of level 1 High Jump [Yes, there's a description error in game] [Mid][Recolourable] Frilled Flower Bow [0]: Increases weight by 200 [Lower][Recolourable] Twin Butterflies[1]: +10 to all stats; Increases movement speed by 10% [Mid][Recolourable] Valentine's Cap[2]: Changed weapon element property to Holy. (Only while wearing the hat AND doesn't work with spectral bow) [Upper] Valentine's Blush[1]: Ignores Defense of Plant race monsters. +10% more damage against water property attribute.(Slot doesn't work in legit areas, while the effect will.) [Lower] Valentine's Hairpin[1]: +10 to all stats; Increases healing done with items by 10%. [Mid] Thor: The event gear are only costumes! Note Both Servers: You need to patch or you will error. There are various items like the Frilled Flower Robe that is missing part of its sprite and will error you until it is fixed. [Which I hope will be sometime tomorrow] Thanks for playing and have a lovely day!
  5. Removing it entirely.. probably not, however, lowering it, is a possibility. The focus of that nerf was that Stalkers had too much versatility at their disposal and needed something changed. We could probably lower it slightly without bringing back that problem.
  6. As Big Dumb Object and a few others said, it is meant to provide competition between groups of people not 1 dude taking over the place. Hall of Abyss is not meant to be easy, and changing the announcement function to 'only inside' makes it easier for the solo lone-wolf type person to do better in a group competition setting. It is IN guild realm for a reason. Make some friends and grow together as a group instead of looking out just for yourselves.
  7. Any and all unban requests are responded to with basically: "You have to wait for an Amnesty Event. Otherwise make a new account and follow the rules until then." I don't care if you/your friend/your dog were a top donator, you were banned for a reason and as such have to wait like anyone else.
  8. @Soul Linkk Thank you for reporting. I'll fix it once I get the script.
  9. Looking into it. Can't promise anything yet.
  10. Sorry you feel that way, but good luck in your future endeavors!
  11. Confirmation would go to whatever email you're using on the payment method. IE you use your buddies paypal it would go to their email address etc. And yes your points would go to the game account you donate on. You can use the same email to donate on multiple accounts as well, so don't feel like you have to borrow a friend's to donate on a second account. =3
  12. That's gonna stay 1 by 1 =[
  13. I'm just going to be straight with you. No. In addition to this no, we have fixed brandish for LKs. Please read maintenance notes from now on. Thank you.
  14. Guidelines: You need to provide as much information as possible. Names involved (In game names not user names), date and time it occurred. Screenshots <- these are your lifeblood, cherish that print screen button. However, if you attempt to use a screen that is altered/doesn't show the date time or has any form of editing you will not like the answer you receive from us. If you don't provide the needed information your ticket may get ignored. Updates: NO RESPONSE GM WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!! In order for us to be able to help you, you need to check your ticket at least once a week. Loaf and I have dozens of tickets we replied to for people to sign up for help desk to get something fixed/returned for them. We can't help you, if you don't help yourselves. GM you said you replied to people why not to me???!!! This is probably because it requires an admin to look at or approve. We do not handle donation issues nor do we handle big ticket items (at this time). So if your problem falls under that, you'll have to wait just a bit longer for a response. Bugs: GM I HERE 2 REPORT BUG That's great, unless its something that can be abused for personal gain.. like how lunchbox+mvp slaves used to be, the bugs should be reported here: bugs.rebirthro.com if you want them fixed, not submitted to support. Bans: GM Y I BANNED??!!! GM CAN U UNBAN ME I PAY?????!!!! We will not unban you without an amnesty event occurring. End of story. If you were banned because you let your "brother", cat or pet rock play your account in your absence.. well that sucks. But you hit 'I agree' every time you log in, meaning you agree to abide by any and all rules of the server. Which includes that you take responsibility for the account, regardless of who was playing it.
  15. Website Installer has been updated with the new patches =3 Please delete your old RRO Files fully and re-download. This should fix your erroring problem