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  1. Please join the server discord. You can join by clicking the Discord tab on this forums site. Why discord? You can get access to "friendly community", fast respond from GM / Admin, and even trading there.
  2. Bump. Added few card. Stalwart Sentinel Card, Celia Alde Card, Naght Seiger card, Evil Snake Lord card, High Wizard card, 2 Berzebub card, 6 Arc Angeling card, Orc Hero card, Fallen Bishop Hibram card, Kiel D-01 card, Golden Thief Bug card, 2 Gemini S-58 card, Turtle General card, Lord of Death card
  3. That's the point I'm trying to highlight. Too long is better for the server, although its bad for the player. But technically, when its better for the server, indirectly its also better for the player. If we think theoretically, yeah, we should make it shorter. Its better for the player. But let's look at the impact of having longer CEDI run. Longer CEDI run: It slow down flow of BCA into the game (good for the server) Because we have alot of run, and today we don't have enough time, we have to go online again tomorrow (good for the server) More social. We talk more, instead of rushing. CEDI nowaday spend more time on loading page. (good for the player) No. Those who already in the CEDI guild no longer add people into their group. Why would they? It will only increase the amount of CEDI and BCA sellers. More seller, means price drop and more competitive. They end up closing entry for newbie to join their so called "CEDI guild. I have this one friend who have all the OP items, a good sniper who deal OP damage, but still not invited into their so-called group. Exactly. Less people or "newbie" needed to run CEDI. CEDI is meant for party-based quest, but now everyone do their cedi only with their alt.
  4. They seriously have to revert everything to how CEDI work before to save the server economically. Amount of BCA flowing into the game too fast, causes the abundant and drop of MVP price. Party-based quest for newbie is near to zero except RDC, which cause people invest less time in-game. CEDI was one before, since newbie have to be in party to get the items. The admin/GM need to understand how MMORPG work. This type of game trap people to invest more time in virtual world. On-topic I agree with GumihoSoul suggestion. It will slow the process, slow the flow of BCA into the game, and promote trust. Revert I had been suggesting for many times. Limit the amount of cedi points to 2000 a day like before. Some players have 5 accounts which can get 8000 points x 5 = 40,000 points a day. That is equal to 8 BCAs, for god sake. Not to mention the other drop from CEDI like SRT and equipment. All these items price drop dramatically due to surplus. Make CEDI equipment not trade-able as before. This will force newbies to join CEDI and this will make it challenging for CEDI runners. All the points argued during when the changes was made is now fucked up.
  5. PVP: WOE / PVP / BG / Deathmatch / Tournament (which is never implemented) Quest: Cedi / RDC / SS / Wolchev / Fluffy / Custom Map quest Get rich: Spam Donor Box / BCA / MCA / Collect rare items incl BG treasure drop, Sealed MVP card, Melanis drop Be smexy: premium skin / limited edition costume / alternate sprite / limited edition costume Social: Make friend / flirt / pretend to be female / Marriage (same-sex too) Collecting Art: you can get art by paying in-game coin
  6. What Magus said
  7. Price reduced to meet market demand~!
  8. Some of the places are cool to hang out at. An upvote for you
  9. After the latest maintenance, Eden set was disabled for unidentifiable reason. From what I heard, you have to remake the eden set for it to work again. Good luck for that
  10. Up! Bulk buyer price added! EDP Box, Regen Box, PD food, Glistening Coat, Acid Bottle, Bottle Grenade, Large Magic Defense Potion are added into the selling list.
  11. Updated 22nd June 2017. For further negotiation, mail me through Rodex to 'Kim Agent'. Thank you.
  12. Meanwhile on Owning blog http://owningex.blogspot.my/p/members.html# We are so damn hardcore to online for WOE Until some gay ruin the fun
  13. Hope this one help http://forums.rebirthro.com/forum/91-star-gladiator/
  14. Ramadhan Sale is up~~~~! Updated
  15. Eir is lack of costumes that can be found in Loki server. Eg: Salacia Sword, Mermaid Bubble, recent events reward costumes, halloween (such as Flying devil), etc. Add new quest to get these costume. Put the NPC for the quest in certain existing map that require completing entrance quest such as Notoriety Quest, New World, Glastheim Past. This will boost participation on these quests and at least give players something to do. (Access to Orc Village and Nieve Town is useless in Eir. Why not put the quest NPC in there) Make the quest require player to collect certain items in average quantity such as 300 this, 200 that, etc. Items to be collected supposedly averagely easy to get for newbies as well, and should make certain map more crowded for people to farm these required items. Eg: 150 Opal, 1000 skel-bone, 2000 sticky mucus, 200 tooth of bat. <--- these items require people to grind in certain map such as pyramid and payon dungeon. Pyramid, payon dungeon, orc village, etc, most of these dungeons are for newbies to grind. Those with level 85-98 usually grind in Cursed Abbey, Thor dungeon, orc field. Loots from these map can and recommended to be used to complete the costumes quest.