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  1. Me and Mau is the best example for that. LOL. Non-donator also plays an important role in this server. Or else your coin would be worthless except you are going for premium items.
  2. High % of current RRO population are from SEA. 1 euro is too expensive for people here. Well, maybe not for Singaporean. BUT Your 100+ coin build is a pain in the *ss for people from here. I'm just adding a simple build for those who can't afford. And yes, keep on throwing creds into the population. That's how RRO still running. I know what you mean by meta. Glad you know your meta is shit. You mean like 90% of forums population are scaredy cat? Exactly, when you point finger, three are pointing back at you. Glad you know that.
  3. Nuuuuuu You're missing the point too. First, its a suggestion, not everyone are rich in-game or real life and not everyone give so much effort. Second, "some of you" "you guys" referring to whom? Third, some people play for fun & not everyone into the testing stuff because its consume a lot of time and money. Maybe its your passion, so yeah I'm not judging. Fourth, I accept your disagreement over my suggestion about cedi tank build, it is sucks. But as I said, some people are lazy and they just want to get a little tanky. So CEDI could be a possible option. This is why forums are dead. Bad way of replying comments. Well, what do I expect. meh
  4. LOL. You have nice way of interpreting the hidden message of it. kekekeke
  5. Off-topic IMO, it is better for @Big Dumb Object to add the job section in the forums where people can post/ask for guide. I mean like, look at the previous forums. I know some of the posts are redundant, but its make the forums look more lively and convincing for those who want to start at this server. Active forums means active server On-topic For VERY newbie, GO set is good. Each part doesn't cost much now. For average, maybe the one from TAGRAS will do. And your equips is quite good, just have to invest more on the refinement. I have my own build, but I'll keep it to myself. kekeke
  6. Says the one who always update the FB group. I put 40 on holiday because they rarely on. And somelike xxxx and xxxx quitted because Connor got banned. And I know who is still online to WOE (eg: u mel, yeah u). The limit is 36, but do people who woe in woe1 is same as those on woe2? :V I mean like I've once conducted a WOE active ranking for the guild to the point I can remember who is who and so on. LoL. Now I feel like I dont have life for doing so
  7. [ Announcement ] Few days ago, Connor was banned for some typical reason. He may appeal to un-ban his account, but for some reason, he will NOT. Now, the main issue here is that - the title - guild leader of Owning Ex is currently held by Connor. I tried to retrieve the title, but the Admin/GMs insist that we still have to comply to them - which is - Connor to make his appeal. With much respect to Connor decision of not to appeal and the outcome of the Admin/GMs ruling (see below), Owning Ex is not going to WOE again, at least for the time being - until any one of the parties make a move. Due to this, a number of Owning players (approximately 40+) will be on holiday and the other half (approximately 20+) will be joining other guild temporarily until the guild leader title is retrieved. Meanwhile, some of the family members have quit the server due to Connor banning status. Well, wherever you are, keep rawr-ing geys~!
  8. Off-topic Since Connor is mentioned again, I bet he did give a big impact on the population and performance of RRO woe. OR maybe someone else is keep on forcing / complaining / mentioning / quitting because Connor is banned. Now, keep this in your mind - Connor will never make an appeal and he PREFER to be banned forever, so that he dont have to return to this game. And for BDO, Just because 2 guild dominate the game, dont mute their members and trashtalk them in #main. (Last year case) - this is when people start leaving - no matter what you argue, accept it, this is the reality. People have the power and you depends on them to keep this server alive. Act professional. Respect your colleague (case of group of GM leaving the server). Yeah, you are a noob leader. Accept your mistake (bugs for recent case) and apologize to the rro community. Juse dont argue la, you noob! To conclude all points, stop acting like a dick-tator.
  9. Bye everyone~
  10. Good luck~ I'm taking a rest from this game as well.
  11. On cash shop? In that case they will start working on it immediately. hehe. Money money come to papa But yeah I want the costume too :C
  12. We do have Malaysian RRO Loki Whatsapp Group which has more than 20 peoples. Also, most Malaysian stay in Morroc town (mostly Own Ex and guild hopper). But yeah, we are more than glad to help each other. Do come and hang out with us Kau Bau
  13. It should stay like that, or else the supply will be alot, causing its price to drop. Busy (or lazy) people tend to buy it at higher price because they hate doing it. LoL
  14. Bump!