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  1. Good luck~ I'm taking a rest from this game as well.
  2. On cash shop? In that case they will start working on it immediately. hehe. Money money come to papa But yeah I want the costume too :C
  3. We do have Malaysian RRO Loki Whatsapp Group which has more than 20 peoples. Also, most Malaysian stay in Morroc town (mostly Own Ex and guild hopper). But yeah, we are more than glad to help each other. Do come and hang out with us Kau Bau
  4. It should stay like that, or else the supply will be alot, causing its price to drop. Busy (or lazy) people tend to buy it at higher price because they hate doing it. LoL
  5. Bump!
  6. Woof woof
  7. Up! I want it too
  8. The reason why I stop playing Thor back then. Just 2 hours and I stopped. LOL
  9. Own should get reward for making Morroc crowded as what they have proposed before when they want to remove GT. lels
  10. @Ressu hello. sry for the late reply. GDR INT10 is available. Diabolus Robe not available. Send me a PM here in forums if still wanna buy.
  11. Happy (fake) birthday, Connor!
  12. Bump~! Valk card added. Garm card added. Kris with 12 hdef added.
  13. Nerf that sit-status from Pang Voice. Annoying as f*ck :V
  14. Bai

    Bye chicken ~