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  1. I'll buy your acid bottles 5k ea and glistening coats 15k ea. PM me as I probably won't check here again
  2. I can draw stickmen both worse than tono and sempy. On top of that i'll add arms and legs for $2!
  3. they got 'disabled until further notice'. they're 'working on a fix' for it.
  4. Loki woe has 3 castles open on those days yeah and the woe is still dead af lol. But Eir has 5?!?! Honestly the castle count needs to be lowered.
  5. why would you make 2 woes.. hardly 15 active people play the server (excluding alts/non-woers) the best thing would be the just move the time of the current one. Also from my perspective, even if mvp/mini boss cards were disabled, veterans still have high refined gears compared to the 'newbies' that play which still pushes the edge far towards them. But it does close the gap quite a bit.
  6. I'm not really around in game anymore. Just stalking forums.
  7. Nice to see you too hun. Been a while since I've seen you around. Great to see you're still kicking too! How've you been doing?
  8. Ooooooohhhhhh myyyyyy goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  9. Feel bad for Eir honestly. The server got reopened but it's literally getting no attention. Feels like it was just opened as a last resort to try and get people to go back to play RRO. I mean the only reason bugs get fixed on Loki is because of Phoenix being a GM there. Otherwise it would be the same.
  10. The instance is in Bio 4 for a reason, when the mobs are actually there it's a difficult task to even get to the instance to do it in the first place, and you can't even farm Bio 4 without being decently geared as well so 80c is a pretty average price for a gear build. This instance was also built with higher-end players in mind, making it a bit challenging than the usual as all the other instances are extremely easy. It's not hard though if you experiment with builds and find out whats best. As for finding a party though good luck cause the loots are a chest box so anyone who runs it will want the gears to their own group, hence why nobody will invite randoms.
  11. thor drama is way better than lokis why didnt i play thor
  12. How do you know all of them were cheating? There's a bunch of reasons that could of came across as to why it could of occurred as I mentioned in the post above. Also I wouldn't put the 'servers downfall' on the people who use third party programs. If you've been here long enough you'd know the actual reason why but i'll let you figure that one out. As for your suggestion the chance is pretty decent as it is, just the starting point of getting the fluff is way too steep, which guess what, gives people more of a reason to use an auto clicker or such which is why it needs to be changed. If it was 5,000 for the entire event i'd understand, but it's per character on per account per day. Not newbie friendly at all. Also you're required a minimum free weight of 5,000 to even partake in the event which is very bothersome.
  13. i do think the 'macro checker' thing is a bit silly. What's the point sitting there for hours clicking just to do the event. And now you have to type some code that may necessarily screw you over from a number of things, whether it be you disconnect, it bugs out after you type it, urgently need to brb, or yeah just simply tabbed and watching something else. I saw the response from what happened when it was added and it wasn't pretty at all, I was on about 20 minutes after it happened to check it out and I already saw '20 people have been banned'. I also saw some poor guy countdown his dc cause the NPC bugged out on him and wasn't able to do anything about it but watch. It's not the way to go about the event at all. Things need to change and they have to be now otherwise you might as well just close down the server now if your event has a higher chance to ban people than actually let people enjoy a simple event. • Fluff to start the event needs to be divided 10 fold, so 500 instead of 5000, as for Eir/Thor the rates could be whatever you suit fit since the Utah Kid turn in isn't all that expensive. • Remove the ridiculous checksum from the NPC. Nobody cares if people are using any sort of macro to get the fluff. If you want to fix this, you should do something that's more suitable for the server and add a limit to the amount of times you can turn in meat to the npc per few hours Therefore whether someone uses a 'macro' or not the outcome will be the same for either one who uses the thing. • Unban and unjail everyone who got banned cause of this, cause it's plain stupid. Banning more people won't make the server healthy.