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  1. Oooh,Surprises are cool....:D
  2. I know that feeling...We really need the contracts...It might even save the server and get more people to play it.
  3. Yeah, I mean the servers have so less plays because of this reason and some other reason too.We were told it will be implemented but nothing happened yet...
  4. Also forgot to mention this, but not having premium items like poring party or a specific premium item they want for that character would stop them from creating that character like example: "I wanna start a snipe but I don't have poring party, nvm I don't wanna start one if I dont have poring party".It could involve different situations but yeah, The GMs have been promising us contracts but we have been getting none...
  5. I KNOW RIGHT?Some of us have been wanting premium items for a long time and yet it's still not tradable.Some of us want Poring Party, Some of us want Buff helms but we can't get it because the chances of the lucky boxes are low...Some of you might be able to afford lots of boxes to gamble on it because you donate but some of us dont.So BRING CONTRACTS
  6. Crit ignores flee too
  7. B>1c worst of slims pm me on #main or I'm at your GT right now so yeah... Same name as forum name.
  8. PC>Fable card?
  9. ...Dude, First of all I never saw you in WOE so STFU...Dude, without hypa I've seen 100k DS dmg per shot. Second of all, I did do 60k per DS before dumbfuck using thana.So don't go acting like you're so fucking pro trash talking me lmao. Third of all, You know this is only a game right?Dude chillax, get a life/job or something man.
  10. Well, I got RDC Helm, not a big fan of the BBs and the MCA so yeah... I also like to runnnn
  11. Uhmm, hello? Glad to have you back~ Hope you enjoy your stay again ;d
  12. Dude, are you stalking me? Everytime I make a post you reply? If you are please stop... I said I saw someone do it, I didn't say I did it and FYI, I did make a sniper.It reached 60 DS per shot I'm pretty sure there aren't any level 1 novices that hangout in Doom unless it's you begging to get killed...
  13. Yeah, imagine buying speed pots 1 by 1 when u have over 200 RDC points.... It takes forever
  14. I've seen snipers do 200k per DS so doing 100k isn't really that hard