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  1. When will Premium Cards be brought back? anyone knows?
  2. Like Luffy?
  3. "Thank God."?
  4. I see, I'm waiting for cold blades
  5. I think Neko is more of a script GM? So she might know about the sale
  6. Will there be a Christmas Sale for 2016?
  7. Ohh I never knew.I thought that was his natural form
  8. I really hope he is but Phoenix is red not blue flames But the real question is "Are you in Whitebeard's Crew?"
  9. I think it's time u all learn about me :P. Soo let's see I've been on this server for around 5 months now I guess.rRO was my first server to play. My favorite town would be RadicaLDreameR's GT so basically Izlude. If I could be a monster, it would be Cthulhu because I wanna I like to watch Netflix,read books, eat food and be FAT! I like to read the Harry Potter books because I honestly think that it's a book of series to read.I don't have a movie that I like so I'll just tell you a movie series that I like xD, and that would be The Vampire Diaries.My favorite anime is ofc Dragonball Super, even though it just came out it proved to be an exciting anime.
  10. oyyyy, Show us some more of your horror fictions stories <3
  11. Bai

    Guys don't worry he's just gonna play dota for about a month and come back We'll be waiting for ya Hyu
  12. T>+10 Immune Shield , GTB, Ifrit to that Hypatia yah?
  13. BUYING LIST Trading GTB,Ifrit,+10 Immune Shield to Hypatia Card PM ME
  14. RadicaLDreameR has around 6 members on during non woe days.We are very helpful and are happy to help During woe RadicaLDreameR has 34/35 members on
  15. Keeping WOEs on Saturdays seem like a good plan for the children that play this game as they dont have school on saturday