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  1. up
  2. Like i said 34c is my last, nothing less than that.
  3. sorry, last price is 34c no less than that
  4. guess you're not gonna show up...
  5. ok just give me ur IGN so i can mail you or pm you
  6. i'll give it to you 67c, but nothing lower than that.
  7. Cards: Hwc 65c Sinx 10c Jess 60c Thana 10c 2x Ifrit 10c ea 2x Gmc 7c ea Gec 13c Items: +10 Wind Armor +10 Gramr 5c +10 OKP 10c +10 BG 35c +10 ACB with or w/o Puff Ring 2x +10 GDS 13c +10 E.Bow 6c +10 B.Bow 5c +9 HHShotgun 7c Note: items or cards that doesn't have price means I don't have any idea how much they are atm, but don't take me for a fool, I will know if your offer is too low. Just leave a message or offer or pm me @Crosswire
  8. 60c HWC
  9. PC> Items: +10 BG / +10 GDS / +10 ACB with or w/o Puff Ring / +10 Gramr /+10 Wind Armor /+10 V. Shield / +10 E. Bow[3] / +10 Burning Bow [3] / +9 HSShotgun Cards: Ifrit / Thana / Hwc / Jess / GMC / SinX / Kiel / Gec Sorry if it's too many.. just got back and i need to sell excess items that i haven't been using..
  10. Yes sir
  11. up
  12. thanks for the offer but i'd say no for that.
  13. Selling - - - - ( please see below for your reference ) GEARS: ( offer or just kill yourself ) +10 ACB w/ puff +10 BG ( FYI Bronze Greavez ) +10 Wind Armor +10 Immune Shield +10 GDS +10 Goblin Bow +10 Earthen Bow +10 Burning Bow +9 Valk Shield (2x) +9 Pi Shell [1] +8 Wind Bow +7 Fire Armor [1] [+10 STR] (not like its useful anyway) Mjolnir ( Collectors' item ) CARDS ( offer or just kill yourself ) HWC JESSICA GTB (2x) GEC (2x) TAO (3x) GMC (2x) SINX IFRIT THANATOS ESL (4x I think) MAYA. P. (4x also I guess) FBH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The End -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------