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  1. I hope so too :3 events are like small anti-boredom pills on thor...
  2. THANKS YOU!!! +999
  3. Thanks you for the quick reply +1 :3
  4. why did it end up in loki, I swear I made the thread in thor D: thanks A New Sniper, but I don't even know if thor has GMs is there a way to move the thread myself?_?
  5. Got this error where instead of getting badly coded bags called unknown item, I got the invisible Diamon Dust (aqua) and if I click it... BOOM!!! crash ___ I hope am the only one to ever get this problem and hope it get solved fast... and... what with not been able to trade costumes with friends on the event about sharing and friendship, no am not going to let that one go ever D:
  6. what connor said " the reduction from 30s to 20s to pick up loot "
  7. why the 10s reduction on drops?_?
  8. The logic BH donating: Do it if you want to and have extra money to throw away... and as for Admins and such, if you need money at any time or all the time, just say for what you want it without throwing sugar on it and people will give you the money if they can/ want...
  9. Welcome back ah! Tyr, I sadly moved to Tyr near the end of it era and now am a thor resident traveler
  10. This get me excited :3 you know what they say (whoever they are :D) "learn from yesterday and hope for tomorrow"
  11. when I did the super novice in thor just using the job changer npc would give you the premium skills too, but I haven't used the job npc in a long time so cant tell for now.. Cant help about bonus, never maxed my super novice job cause I use it as my egg holder hope this help that's all the skills that appear on my super novice right now... like I said, cant tell if things changed from the time I did the character, prob best to ask @Big Dumb Object about it... EDIT: If I remember correctly, extra is only for external skills provided by items and such.. (could be wrong)
  12. I have a super novice and the list of skills is long... could you post a list of skills you are interested on and I see if I can get them or if they show available
  13. Izlude academy is still operational as far as I can tell... right?_? Don't know about economy, but rest I think is cover... my only thing to say about the academy is that it's too... hidden for new players, lets be honest most people just go straight to prontera and if they end up in izlude they skip npcs and go straight to field or kafra
  14. I don't really know how to feel about this... well I am happy thor is getting something, but cant get this thought that something is wrong out of my brain... ___ hope someone with the same "feeling" has a better way to put it on words than me
  15. We are doom D: JK I just hope is not too late, last time I enter thor (last week) there were 7 online and 3 where shops ___ Ironically this situation fits perfectly with the Marvel Thor Comics... SPOILER: I just hope Thor finds it new hammer and rise again