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  1. how to did you get the Mercury Riser may i asks?
  2. Suggestion for beginner equips are: Alligator Set Recondrite Rings Drooping Amistr Large Red Wings
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  4. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/2016_Summer_Carnival last year we had this event.. hoping there would be one this year as well
  5. woah GM application
  6. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Thor try using @storeall2 so that your equipped items wont go to storage
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  9. PC> Gemini S58 card thanks
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  11. Can you guys come into terms? come on, this is just a very trivial matter. no need to argue and besides thor needs more players first of all, the poring sprite is not a bug (april fools day made everyone a poring), no need to report it. if your suggestion is for that player to relog then i dont believe that would fix it. I tried relogging several times too but it didnt removed my poring sprite, the only thing to do in order to remove it is for your character to die or type @die. I agree though that joining woe using a different sprite is against the rules but only if it is intentional. such is not the case here, the player couldnt remove the sprite for the plain reason that he didnt know how to do it and your instruction to him doesnt help either. Just forgive the person for his ignorance (for not knowing how to remove the poring sprite). We need more players guys, every single player in thor counts so be good to each other
  12. hi, the mechanics said you can do the quest once per account per day and 3 accounts per IP per day. my question would be, if I do the quest in thor, does it mean I can no longer do the quest in loki or eir?! thank you
  13. im online now
  14. there's no @go 16 at thor i think theres a weapon gun dealer in einbrooch that sells low level gunslinger weapons, net is kinda restricted irowiki is block and so is ratemyserver
  15. updated