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  1. do we even have this? what was the sale (and by sale i mean overpriced items) last friday?
  2. we never got the chance to meet this is a sad day. a sad day indeed.
  3. Yey they're fixed :3
  4. A LOT :3 staff are still being bombarded by new things to fix here, be it a major or minor bug. oh there goes one now~~
  5. i was actually casually visiting RRO around the time they implemented this but yes all races have a 65% resistance cap as we have insanely OP gears that can easily give you more then 100% race resistance.
  6. Why haven't i thought of this earlier? #toonoobforaGM
  7. Fish. Lots of them.

  8. what this guy said :3
  9. rest be assured that we are looking into this error and will post if it is fixed or not. stay tuned :3
  10. Hello! Welcome back to RRO. We hope you enjoy your stay... again :3
  11. Hello! I am Neko and contrary to my name I am not a cat in real life. That's it. I have been tapped by Ancyker to join the staff as an additional muscle (my brains can't comprehend the complexity of the other tasks he offered me). I was reluctant as first but was persuaded by the amount of fishes he offered. Kidding aside, He actually dug me from a common friend's contact and asked me to do some random work here. But since I can't really help them on that department because of real life stuff, and after discussing some behind the scene things, I reluctantly agreed to join the staff as a pleb and noob GM to be able to help new players, as well as old ones get by with their day to day life in game. I will do my best to be a wonderful GM. Not the greatest though, as this is already given to a former GM here. My only request to the community is please bear with me as I have still to read the multitude of maintenance notes Ancy has shoved in my sweet, innocent face. My real life status gives me permission to read them but man, THEY ARE A LOT. I WILL FORGET HALF OF THEM. I'M SURE OF IT. Now, you will know I am somewhat active when there are events going about. You have been warned DISCLAIMER:- Everything that I will say in game are all figments of my imagination and will not, IN ANY WAY, be the final word of the staff and Rebirth RO's owner, Syphon.