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  1. I thought I had applied for this.
  2. I see.. That explained it.. thanks.
  3. Greetings, I would like to yet again stress the GMs and admins to fix the Battleground mechanics and contents. Active players will just log off and Eir will be dead again if event such as this is not working. I am excited enough just to see the battleground announcement as it is. We only lack of participants. But we can still manage to make it active nonetheless. p/s: Fix the current MOTD npc and mechanic as well. Also, add ul some other automated event npcs. This will attract new players.
  4. Bump!! Dear admin, kindly respond to this thread.
  5. @Big Dumb Object @Phoenix I discovered that the Magical Incense will curse the character upon wearing. Is it supposed to be like that? Kindly assist to check.
  6. True to this.. I got like 4 god item pieces after server relaunched.. My thought at first was the drop rate on guild castle treasure was bugged. Appreciate if the admin would take a look on this matter..
  7. It's alive.. Please return to Fairy Tail and claim your place in Fairy Tail guild as S-class member.
  8. Of course you have to repeat 99 million times.. This is Eir.. What do you expect??
  9. As per stated by the title, I would like to suggest to nullify all MVP cards use in WoE. This is to encourage newbies to participate in WoE without a great gap betwen veterans high end gear and donates. For example, I have new joiners who participate in WoE but is not well geared as well as having donates. This idea was brought into attention by @Soraka. We can further discuss this matter and at least find something that we can do beside encouraging newbies to participate in WoE as well as cultivating server growth.
  10. Look around for any of the members in Einbech or Prontera.
  11. That is why I never argue with any illu member.. They know everything.. They make the server dead-ish.. GM and admin will always favor them.. If they say server stay as it is, GM and admin will comply.. Even when the majority demand for server roll back.. #jangankecamsaya
  12. Guild Name :Fairy TailGuild Level : 50Guild Emblem : Guild Master : FizsterinaGuild Manager : Milano SniperGuild Captain : Matce & BobbyyGuild Type : All purpose. (More to WoE though)Guild Alliances : NoneGuild Base : MorrocAbout Us :Fairy Tail is a guild known in the past as an active WOE guild with good moral and most importantly the great friendliness among the guild members. We had our downfalls and now we Reopening the guild gates with new management, goal, and approach. We will support our members with all the aspects needed to make them stronger and most importantly as a family. We do not require anything from a new recruits exclude activeness, honesty and friendliness. Also, you need to be awesome! We are not a strong guild though. That's why we are recruiting you!Fairy Tail General Information :• We held events for members once a week. (Usually before or after WoE time.)• We recruit new members.• WOE.• Currently the only custom guild town on Eir.Minimum Requirements for joining are as follow :- Main character and active. All class profession are welcomed to join. We are in need of the following class for WoE purpose at the moment:- Full time all class profession. Need moar players!!! p/s: This is from 2012..
  13. @hominfo is bugged i think.. kindly assist to check please.
  14. I'm against this.. I'm setting up vendors for newbies and i just got lots of stuff to sell.. and what do you mean by brings down the quality of selling?at least prontera doesnt look deadish..
  15. I agree to Holy Rama and Salacia.. Some people worked hard on +10 gears. Unlike the abusers who take chances. A roll back would be good to old players but it would be unfair to the newbies who came in to join Eir. Or you could at least turn it to +9? That would be the least thing I could think of..