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  1. idk... maybe my collection of 600.000 white herbs skell bones and 60k of oridecon can answer that
  2. i think is just like reflect works lol , in terms of autocast , the reflect count as a hit (a normal melee hit) wich activate any skill that you have in your gears / cards (e.g : i have a shield with 2% reflect (orb) + tim tom tablet + rings to autocast, the bolts appear and the cast from cards and weapons also do when i am being hit)
  3. yah take your time no worries , i get bored of the another person thats all lol
  4. Since i get bored of waiting (yah someone told me long ago to make me one ... w/e), ill ask for a art Head shot (yah i am kinda poor atm ) Upper Gear:Witch Hat Middle Gear:Fluttering Bats Lower Gear:Witch Broom (since the broom is not 100% able to see is not necesary to draw) Class : High Priest (With alternative Arch bishop Clothes) HAIR COLOR:Brown (any dark brown) EYE COLOR: Most Dark and shinny posible plz References :
  5. am pretty sure is Aiur.. Anyway, if you want to play BW or SC II pm me
  6. where???? (j/k)