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  1. Welcome back give me zenny please
  2. Oboro and rebel Dave they got only 3 clothing colors i think
  3. Btw ej" aka as Orinal Doll left her account to someone to sell pots and refill all her alts vend for autotrade which i dunno who but im very sure someone has access on it coz i talked to that person ingame using ej's account
  4. ty more yggs pls
  5. i think uve been gone for 3-4yrs only i miss ur pots welcome back
  6. paladin would be useful in RDC soloing drake/resco even fluffy..GOset as for basics and if u can afford with better gears like tao/BG etc go for it..just SAC + berries
  7. WB juice
  8. need help which best class and Guide for doing IceCrown quest..i was thinking Ninja suited on this quest
  9. wew finally.. problem solved
  10. Bump bro buy voucher