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  1. err dunno.. imo, it looks more like somewhere around splendide or mora
  2. interesting.. I always want to post thing like this. And I know some secret spots, will post it later.. Let me guess each spot where the screenies were taken:
  3. iirc, u need to press f12 in your keyboard for the full shortcut bar.. can't help you about the text error though..
  4. ~ Buying ~ Tidon (offer) ~ Selling ~ Bakonawa Card c/o 100c or OFFER ~ Trading ~ N/A iGN : Lexincarnum/ Incarnum / NibelStark
  6. this one lol. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=5528 and this one along with the effect http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=18666
  7. Just a suggestion, for cata build you might need deviling card in garment as it reduces physical damage you received by 50% and dont forget to mention ROR + ROFL since they paired well with angra.
  8. lol... tbh, this game doesn't entertain me like it did years ago.So, I shall spit out some secret before saying goodbye to this game. maybe i shall make a thread for this .lul.
  9. Sorry, I meant jormugandr card* bzzt... have been away for too long from this game lol http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Jormungandr_Card http://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_FIREBREATH iirc, It activates lvl 3 firebreath when hit, which means 300% physical fire damage to enemies within 9x14 cells radius, with this, u can lure the mobs around without having to move too much (beside, getting mobbed will make u less mobile). And yes, with angra, the AoE damage will restore your Hp as well. N.B: ahura mazdah is not necessary, u can replace it with mazdah mantis card
  10. try putting comodo card with the angra set for CATA build and see the miracle.
  11. lower please?
  12. and i am expecting an improvisation than last year...
  13. farming service, sir?
  14. Typo: @autoloot 100 100 means you will loot any items that has 100% drop rate. You can change it from 0 to 100
  15. Hello there.. welcome to RRO so here's a few tips for you: 1. there are special NPCs called healer, warpra, and stylist (there are more, but these are the basic ones). healer heals your HP and SP completely for free, stylist, change your cloth color and hairstyle. then you have warpra that can warp you to the other town and dungeons, she may charge you some zenny. 2. There are some useful commands: http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Loki . Try each of them. with alt+m , you can insert shortcuts for these commands (up to 10 commands). 3. Your main focus is level grinding. so here's some place you might wanna visit lvl 1-10 -> warpra -> dungeons -> payon dungeon 1 -> go outside -> kill some rabbits lvl 11-20 -> warpra -> dungeons -> payon dungeon 1 -> explore the cave lvl 21-60 -> warpra -> dungeons -> moscovia -> les forest lvl 61-99 -> warpra -> dungeons -> sphinx 4th floor or ice dungeon lvl 3 and 4 Don't forget to rebirth at lvl 100 4. You may find @autoloot100 command really useful as you would loot anything from the mob u killed. When your inventory is full, open your account storage with @storage . You can transfer items manually to the storage or you can just simply use @storeall2 command to automatically store items in your inventory. 5. Learns about monsters weaknesses. fire is weak to water, water is weak to wind, wind is weak to earth. earth is weak to fire, holy is weak against shadow and vice versa. With a good knowledge of element, you can deal more damage to them. 6.Here are some useful shortcut: http://forums.rebirthro.com/topic/52771-trivial-command-list/ Still confused? feel free to ask... and if possible, I would be glad to help you with equipments and level grinding. Have fun!!