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  1. armor -> Flax set weapon -> holy stick or rod with 4x ancient tree card shield -> exorcism bible or any shield with toaster card acc -> diabolous ring or resplendent ring with cookie card If you have hyzo hat, uncle sam or the bunny hat that increases damage vs undead and boosts the power of holy attack, u can increase magnus damage further.
  2. err.. but aren't you a Thorian?
  3. I wonder how many new players we have in Loki..... I missed the old days where social guilds were around and new players farmed together any new player here?
  4. What if someone "abused" the bug without knowing it was a bug?
  5. PC > gypsy card
  6. BumP...BUMp...bUMP...BuMP..BUmp..bUmp....BUMp....BumP...BUMp...bUMP...BuMP..BUmp.. bUmp....BUMp....BUMp...bUMP...BuMP..BUmp.. bUmp....BUMp....BUMp...bUMP...BuMP..BUmp.. bUmp....BUMp....BUMp....BumP...BUMp...bUMP...BuMP.....BUMp....BUMp...bUMP...BuMP..BUmp..
  7. if you dont mind being frozen, put terntini or alpochio card in OKP, and with 110 vit u would have 115 flee bonus plus auto-stone curse/freeze. I think it's good against LK/ melee type foes dont forget to calculate woe flee penalty
  8. Am I the only one who read it backwards, but then realized that it doesnt make sense at all.....
  9. 1 Bakonawa card sold for 250c to l Evelyn l
  10. Does @noks work there??
  11. Did you......kill her? :v
  12. Oopsie... i didnt notice you were Thorians..
  13. i think it is available @event item redemption NPC and annual halloween event.. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Category:Loki_Event_Items
  14. it's too early to tell this... :v
  15. off topic a bit: is it possible to use credit as currency @newwebmarket? Is it possible to sell/buy premium gears via webmarket? Please confirm this..