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  1. Does @noks work there??
  2. Did you......kill her? :v
  3. Oopsie... i didnt notice you were Thorians..
  4. i think it is available @event item redemption NPC and annual halloween event.. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Category:Loki_Event_Items
  5. it's too early to tell this... :v
  6. off topic a bit: is it possible to use credit as currency @newwebmarket? Is it possible to sell/buy premium gears via webmarket? Please confirm this..
  7. oh,will it be? great then..
  8. the scarf is NOT costume. I got 1 yesterday Off topic a bit: Is the event "just like that"? I mean, it's a bit effortless and less fun
  9. so, I have to wait?
  10. So I bought laurel blossom wreath last Black friday, but I received invisible object in my web-storage. Please explain this.
  11. *FACESLAP*
  12. No one tell me about it >:[
  13. WHAAAAT??? but yesterday the button was still broken and I am sure that you just edited your post in announcement section a while ago You should have created a new post instead of editing your existing post so I (everyone) would receive notification. I AM really DISAPPOINTED!!!
  14. have they fixed it or am I too late for it?
  15. that happened to me too, the laurel blossom hat that I bought become invisible on web storage, thus I couldnt move it to my game storage .