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  1. lol i was watching that guy speedrun halo a few days ago, small world ;x am i this desperate for a shiny tho? that is the question :[
  2. yes you may <3
  3. in terms of battle ready pokémon i got: starmie, pelipper, a-raichu, mimikyu, metagross, alakazam, goodra, salamence, toxapex, aegislash, azumarill, porgon2(hacked WT), garchomp, a-ninetails, dragonite, organguru, alomamola, gyarados, sharpedo and golisopod . then i got even more Pokemon with perfect IV that I've yet to EV / lvl up D: and i need your help to evolve my scythers and seadra <3
  4. i can't stop breeding pokemon
  5. PLEASE*** LEO
  6. yes lets PLS play together
  7. just imagine yourself in woe
  8. my gif sucked
  9. @Sheimi
  10. hello