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  1. This event also got a chance for you to fail. You can get 50 fucking fluffs from Easter Egg after spend hours of clicking, adding more further frustration. I understand your rant and agreed.
  2. Not even bother? More like 'Feature Request(to be ignored)'
  3. Do you really think they not use that Set Boxes? Alot of them already use it for tank/killer set but still their KDR not really good cuz this game rely heavily on ping and macro. Even tho they got skills and use all possible good equip they cant never beat some player who got good ping and macro. That make them whining and complain some classes are OP.
  4. I used low level edp before too. Its last longer as far as I can remember Based on wiki Lasts longer at lower levels. The duration is 3 minutes at L1 and decreases by 30 seconds per level past that.
  5. Login by using your username like in website.
  6. I think you guys can report in game bug here:
  7. Sinx is the best there. Backslide for mobility and EDP for dmg. Just use splash dmg with HP leeching equip. Its easy to build up Chain Kill if using Sinx.
  8. Damage reduction from armor refine level above +4 has different script from any other reduction type, it will not stack with any other reduction cards/items. For example Player A deal 10,000 dmg against Player B who has 65% demi human resist+30% from 5 piece of +10 equips(6% each) 10,000-65%=3,500 3,500-30%=2450
  9. Fishing Level does not increase from fishing. It depends on what type of the rod you using. For example Old Rod - Fish Lvl 1, Oak Rod - Fish Lvl 3. Nice guide btw!
  10. Just use Smelly Sock Bait until you reach lvl 50. I tried using other baits for leveling but it seems no different. Maybe it matters when trying to catch Big Fish type which is level 50, idk I might be wrong here..
  11. Oak rod not that bad. It gives you level 3 Fish skill (level of skill increases chance of catching a fish). Old rod gives level 1 Fish skill.
  12. You can buy it at southern part of Hugel town. The npc is inside one of those buildings.