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  1. I had the same problem earlier but i got it fixed. First, go to your antivirus program. It might be blocking file(s) that RRO has installed or patched. If you see any of them being blocked, restore it. That did the trick for me. I hope this will help you out. Good luck!
  2. up up and away!
  3. up!
  4. up!
  5. Sold the +8 GDS.I bought the staff and now I need to refine it!
  6. up!
  7. Well thanks! I'll try my best to help you out brother. Once the server is up, just pm me or meet me up in louyang (@go 14).
  8. Sounds good brother. I'll pm you once the server is up!
  9. Up.
  10. Hello! Welcome to my shop! Feel free to leave your offer! Prices are NEGOTIABLE. If you wish to get a hold of me you can always try and pm me Yours Once or Home Depot. I'll be in Louyang Town (@go 14) if you wanna negotiate or talk. Buying: Acid Bottle. a/b: 4k ea. Selling: +8 Fire Armor[1] (+10INT) a/s: 6c +10 Red Cape a/s: 12c Coppola (Regular) a/s: 3c Red Coppola a/s: 5c Last Updated: August 18, 2017
  11. Hello! I'm interested in some of your items, would you mind pming me your ign or contact me in so we can talk. Here's my ign iApocalypse
  12. I love everyone in owning (no homo tho). Y'all know this! I'll be playing on and off for this month so hit me up fam!
  13. selling

    Kimmy, meet me up in morroc sometime. I need to buy some magic def potions. Thanks bud!
  14. I finally found her.
  15. Heyo! Come visit us! I'm in morroc most of the time. (tbh, i still have no idea what your ign is LMFAO. i'm sorry. LOL.)