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  1. Hello sweetipie <3 and dax 2 nab
  2. Maybe?
  3. Hi rainbow lovers
  4. Or be like me, befriends with gei people and sneak into their runs with just autofollow. jkjk I do click the tubes when mvp spawning tho... QQ
  5. Alright whats going on when i was away for 5 days ;c I haven't try the 'event' but it does sounds really annoying for me to do, Even just read this already tiring me, and yeah i agree events should be fun to do. Recently our events is just a repeatedly spam clicking event by last valentine and now ;c . I love the easter event years before when u make cakes and do stuffs out it. I really hope things get better, for events and everything on the server so people actually stays ;3 Some of us stays playing cus we have friends for long time here andwanted to have fun. So yeah hold ur pants tight together bois o/
  6. I enjoyed this somehow.
  8. spammed to zero

    I don't know how to feel... is rep something even important at all? i feels like 'likes' in facebook more important than this..
  10. Right, Also don't forget to wear GR+Deviling when u see terrorists ( bomb creator ) If you still die offer them with 1c+20m, thats fair trade for surrending.
  11. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YYYIIZZZZ KUCHING WKWKWK She prolly looking mel for n00dz artsu who kn0ws huehueheue
  12. Gears is matter yes, but it's not everything. Knowing what you do on class you're playing is very essential, for teamwork ofcourse. I could share my gears or anything to help the others, but there's a thing called "Eden set" which i believe everyone knows about it, Thats what makes people 'overpowered' right now by switching on the right time while other people dying cus they diving into enemies with damage gears on.*dies in one storm gust* Toaster card is fine but thara is better if u stacking demi human resist, Also yes Coppola is good if u're all rounder do attack and tank at once like Creator, or wiz? sometimes. Also yeah don't use vigil unless for tanking wise, even it's sux on Creator cus the spam so gei. wkwk
  13. It's actually both, Dillema for cunn0r. #freemaneegacunn0r
  14. Just keep WoE alive guis \o/ I MISS YOUR LAG SHOUT CUNNOR ;C