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  1. GM Wedding Registration 1. Groom's Name: Savage Punch 2. Bride's Name: Pretty Faye 3. Groom's Monster Disguise/Size: make me BIG. i like my goku look unless i can be death match NPC with my goku hat 4. Bride's Monster Disguise/Size: make her BIG and lovely as possible please. no disguise. 5. Date and Time of Wedding + Backup Date/Time: June 17th, 3AM pacific stanard time(10:00 server time) after WoE 1. Secondary time is, after any WoE 1. 6. Preferred Location: Kame House (kame_house) i dont know much about this game maybe show me some ideal places? or pick an awesome one for us! 7. MvP Spawns? Explained in the extra. 8. Public or Private? Public 9. Preferred GM(s)? Mystery 10. Anything extra you would like to add: Guild recall: Demon Within VIPS: ⦁ The Drought: NPC Marvin if possible. if not small ancient sea lord ⦁ tutu Bee: Kafra employee. if not the same. ⦁ elrakizta: medium Poring Knight. ⦁ GordonSteadyramsey: small general daehyon Events: Public Events ⦁ GM hosted Guess the Password : (3 Rounds) ⦁ GM hosted Live by Dice: (3 Rounds) ⦁ Zombies Ate my Novice Private Events. ⦁ High Tier Bloody Branch Spawns: 16 High Tier Gloom Under Light Golden Thief Bug Ifrit, Nidhoggr's Shadow Tao Gunka Memory of Thanatos General Egnigem Cenia ⦁ GM hosted " The Fox" Any complications or adjustments that needs to be made. just let me know please. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out and even host this wedding for us. I'll continue to donate in the hopes of bettement of the game :smiley: loveyou guys!