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  1. 3 to 5 hits a sec, 40% success, 6/14 good... So between 57% and 39% chance a second, that it does not do a 'good' tarot to you. You can try and recover from it, as for the most part it will not kill you. It is range, cards will not block/reduce it's effect. It will remove FCP/foods/buffs/speed pots and everything else. Which may take a few seconds to recover from. Comparing it to other skills. There are reductions one can use against Storm Gust(which has a much larger delay). I am not saying tarot is 'Alone' in being too spammable, but I agree with Milano.
  2. I agree, with Milano. Tarot spam does feel a lot like a high rate server. This and other skills have been spoken about before... tz ? I'd be for fixing a delay on this and other skills... also for the entire woe :).
  3. Was a good game. I did get it for the Switch. I don't know the route in which I'll end up replaying it in a year or so.
  4. Look at my shout out! I ranked my creator, I didn't even heal myself. It's tough to push people to farm for WoE mats. I created about all potions requested of me. A good amount of materials came directly from me for others to use. I agree with Rolo with a number of things, on removing the overbalances from WoE (MVPs/Donates). And factor in some easier(more fun) to obtain potions to use in said WoEs. The newbie having challenges is not a new issue. When I joined there was already a dominate guild made of veteran players. There really wasn't much reason for me to stick around, I tried to make it competitive. When it became competitive, it turned into a competition of who could recruit more. One guild, or the 3-4 opposing them. Remember we're talking about an old game here.. PvM dies after a few months of joining the game. And on a server like Eir, when you can literally solo all MVPs. It dies extra quick. My suggestions. 1.) Wipe all Zeny(if Possible, it should start vending/trading again and at reasonable prices). I'm as rich as they come, money is useless to me because I have about everything and too much zeny. With the years people have put in, there is probably 250 mil zeny per person on server. That is a large obstacle for a newbie to overcome. At least get me to work on warpra money. This obstacle(zeny and gears) was also part of the reason why newbies would join a 'side' of the server. 2.) De-upgrade gears. Thinking this would be too much work. Or not? It'll help a little on removing veteran advantages. 3.) Remove donates, god items, MVPs from WoE. I'd settle for any or all of the 3 being removed. Or even having 1 castle to allow such items and the other 4 to not, I'd appreciate a change. I'm okay with after cast, but with removal of said other things, it may need to be placed to 100% delay. 4.) Remove warp to MVP maps. Re-allow memo on world maps, this makes doing quests long . 5.) Conquest BG Pots etc(Not my idea, but I've seen it on other servers before I quit here initially. I'd be all for this) 6.) About anything to give new players an incentive. That doesn't really effect/matter much to those still playing. I directly get removed benefits from all of the above and having pots/ranked creator, the bg pots actually helps others out more than myself(not that I won't still use mine). (Notice I didn't say a complete wipe or removal of all gears, old player could still return and be mostly happy. Like myself, I'd still see work that needs to be done.) PS: I actually liked having myself locked out of accounts, losing my items in cStorage and other bugs(quests) of inconvenience as I came back. It made me work a little. PPS: I'm having Deja Vu, didn't I quote Rolo on something similar before I left years ago?