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  1. NPC Brian in Nieve has no reaction to me when i have sacred incense and Nieve key in inventory, he tell all the time "I truely enjoy the smell of incense" Also i bought Polar Bear Rucksack lost 35 heroic points and didnt get an item I did message on GM assistant but wanted to write here also to be sure u read this Please GM's help me with these two problems.
  2. didnt realize old players lost all legit refines to +10. I think i can handle rollback 1 month for them.
  3. I am real newbie in this game and i think dont want to rollback cuz i would loose 1 month of my time. I dont really care about refines. you could degree all refined items from 1 month maybe its better idea, if its possible.
  4. Want to play i have day free QQ :< Can any GM say how long it will take to bring Eir on ?