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  1. Recently Forums in a nutshell lololol
  2. These tops mostly posted in the guild thread (FP), so I guess that will answer your question how they got so much. (also if you post content in guild thread it don't count in the overall counter, that's why rank1 has "none")
  3. I am retired too after Connor gone rip, does that mean I am not allowed to reply here too? :c
  4. You can still farm your coins tho, if you really want to have the 100c+ gears. Or you stay be a lazy potato that thinks he can buy everything with money. :v
  5. Well the guild needs the castle of the realm so you can enter the guild dungeon.
  6. We not actively woeing anymore :c
  7. I feel more and more a legit woe could be really refreshing in this server, even tho that prolly won't solve the problem of pros being still pros (coz lol we know it all, if you have already decent gears you will be decent in legit woe too). But that will at least give the new players some more feel of being able to do something productive in woe/ the meta. :v
  8. This knowing your role reminds me on a quote from some pro in BG (I forgot who lol rip me) about the mandatory of snipers; 'snipers rushing in first in the portal, thinking they are LKs and then wonder why they die'. lol And when I look at past BG battles, then I am pretty sure most people don't even know what they doing and better gears most likely won't matter much then. Also, time to get on KIm and share his nub build wkwkwkw
  9. Idk why phoenix is looking for me :v Maybe to share some popcorn ~ hue #freeourn1ggacunnor
  10. Speaking of the race, how about maybe a option to change the race for those who have a certain level? *change in point of not always pay another 50c to do so lol*
  11. *still secretly hopes of Celex art for myself qq*
  12. Honestly, I like the idea of special costumes for the different level of donor lol Even tho that won't make me donate anyways but oh welp
  13. 'Coz I love it when people are gettin' mad huehuehue