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  1. Commission done for @ZeosRazencrant ~ Had too much fun with Clip Studio. Rip me. Hope you still like it. haha
  2. Meanwhile i am there playing Pokemon like a nub without any big breeding.
  3. Testing around with Clip Studio atm ... and I have a way too much fun with coloring the skin. lol ... also I forgot how to tag people here. Oh welps.
  4. Meanwhile there is me and my laptop which says NO to Overwatch.
  5. It's please not PLS
  6. Sounds like rro woe
  7. I have no idea whats going on there Connor lol
  8. More like blame Mel for being a lazy butt to warp and rather take the Town Warper. lol Also, nice number
  9. Manly.
  10. For the Marriage attire, try pm Server with nocostume? Or try to Dispell it in a duel. If that don't help, idk.
  11. Fear Connor the Lag-end. He's Lag-endary.
  12. When you so nub that other guilds need to help you on your tea party in horus
  13. I bet connor is the iron man one
  14. I swear to god, snipers have a secret contract or something, which is like 'don't even dare to trap even if it helps your team' I just adsafasfasdasd- zzz ==