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  1. Great tiger is asleep :v
  2. First statement made me actually laugh. Not consider cheap? Back in my days Recon Rings, LRW etc where like 1-2c worth, now people throw that at you for like 10m *forgive me if I am not up to date, last time I logged in is ages ago but still* Saying this stuff isn't cheap is just a lame excuse for being lazy to grind a few millions, which is by far not hard in rro. Also, idk if you understand what mmorpg means, but it's the nature of the game to have some "repetitive click killing", it is about killing monsters, leveling and gaining loot (and do it with some other peeps if possible). And as Magus said, there plenty of alternatives.
  3. Not really sure where the problem is since cedi equipment is already the hell cheap, you probably more effective in just go farm a day and then buy what you need. lol Making the runs longer don't sound like increasing the will to even bother with it Kimmy. :v And it won't make us interact more 'coz as far as I can recall the old way Tier D it was basically loading too 'coz the PL just rejoined to make it faster (and abandon alot of OCAs, etc in that runs beacuse lets be honest, who waits 3min for the Tier D shit lol) Sort of agree with Hoy and Mike, it be more effective in the long term if you actually make friends and don't just runs, help them and then hope they will reward you.
  4. Daddy Dax don't love us anymore.
  5. Tag yourself, I want to be the Spite.
  6. *laughs in lokian* I want to see this 12 Tarots a second, is there even that HoA Weapons in Eir? Sounds like they would make even more fun here. So let me sum up dis. We talk about giving a skill a higher delay which has a 40% chance of success anyways ... Sounds like a totally reasonable case. *flys away with her not helping comment*
  7. I laughed more at this as I should. lol Idk, but there is a reason it is called "newbie", if you can play and kill/survive everything right off the start, where is then the point of being newbie/oldie.
  8. huehuehue ~ This guys got nice Touhou covers.
  9. More like they like me lol
  10. Mh, I should, she draws naughty stuff mainly
  11. Meanwhile with my art friend Dys
  12. Y u no avatar :c
  13. Welps, not that it matter much anymore, but it seem like there is a little imposer around here :q So if you see a character "gcq" without spaces between, that's not me. ty <3
  14. Most manly scream ever
  15. Coz Dax is a lazy bun to look for the video himself, have some good old woe times