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  1. Last bloop for here, had fun with you guys. Have some naughty Jackeh. ~
  2. Meanwhile I am here, remembering the lovely times when people didn't even understand the instructions "go in" ... And now I see this lovely instructions. Oh boi. *flies back into the void*
  3. And if you read what I said you might had seen that I didn't said that you guys want it to be made easier. :3 But it's ok bro.
  4. (Started writing before Lu posted and too lazy to edit it) For real now. Every time you guys talk about "buhuu not average friendly" and all this shit, I feel like everyone expects the newer players to be some brain dead retards who can't even hold the mouse to kill monsters. People who aren't experienced NEED to learn. They will might fail, but that don't mean that you need go to forums and whine every 5sec about your failure and expect they will make things easier. You guys act like the more veteran players are god like. But they not. All they did was just playing and making up new strategies. As Lu said, on the start they HAD NO GUIDE. I was also on one of the first runs there and we got rekt by all the mvps there. But did we go QQ on the forums it's too hard? No. As they said already, it's meant to be a bit harder. If you want something easy go do Hazy Forest. :v tl;dr Stop crying around and make old players look like they gods. Learn to play and be good as them. :v
  5. That escalated quick
  6. Isn't it great that the server don't rely on people and their donations so we treat people like they nothing worth ~:p
  7. They do both, there is a chibi version of the alt outfit and a normal one. I just posted the chibis 'coz I didn't wanted to spam the big pictures lol
  8. BG in a nutshell
  9. Alternate Sorcerer ~ Girls dress looks a bit like from archbishop haha
  10. What comeback lol
  11. spammed to zero

    Some people have alot of salt to spend, you can't even imagine. #-200ReputationInOldForums
  12. Pretty much how it is
  13. *Guess to sum it up a bit in short* The main problem is that everything is basically one key while you had before like, idk 3-4 and then also still the chance to screw it up (I remember all the times Connor screw up breaking coz the key for one item said nop haha). The other point is that the "newbie" don't have that pro high end gears to put in their set. But that isn't the problem of the set, it's the game problem in general.