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  1. Dat moment you just wanted have some fun while opening BCA and the whole world got offended. rofl
  2. Well then guys, have 'fun' in woe, I ma join this Valhalla. ~
  3. There should be pictures of the recolored versions huehue
  4. The moment discord escalates with the /tts command.
  5. Connor always on fire.
  6. Love tho how he is like "oh shit, I failed trash him" and is like nvm lol
  7. Jew quit before it was cool
  8. Arid had work (which he told us like 1min before woe starts lol), and Connor slept (?) I guess. And I was at work too. So welp, rip GL. lol ... We should get someone for woe1 wed :v Well they merged other guilds lol
  9. Me trying to get the focus and the devo of any pally in my party.
  10. Forget entrance camping guys, the future is Flag in camping.
  11. I wouldn't say everything is balanced out, like example Cedi. I know it's my own fault for being a lazy seller But it is not really worth it spend your zeny in oca, waste your time in cedi and then get a bunch of items that sell low anyways. The profit of that gone really low. Or that is just a feeling of me, idk.
  12. rofl sdef10 8c. I think cedi is pretty much dead now, orbs that are at least a bit useful go around for like 25m. The factor that the economy is dying is, that the population is dying, ergo, less player buying it. Also the player that still here basically have all the shit and don't need it. The lowballers that are still left are dropping the price since no one else wants to have it.
  13. And yet still I can't listen to this song till the end lol
  14. Only requirement we have is showing up to woe and be aware that we are all nubs. haha Hi Pro, didn't knew you new