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  1. Within the AzzyAIConfiguration.exe you'll notice tabs for different settings. Click on Homunculus and scroll all the way down to the bottom. There you will find these settings: UseIdleWalk is set at random so that it moves in any direction, but you can set it to anything listed there, circles or w/e. Then IdleWalkDistance is the amount of cells it moves around you. You can play with these settings to make it how you like it but you have to /hoai twice and then relog each time(after hitting apply settings ofc lol). Warning: if you make a mistake it -can- crash you on start up so just remember your settings prior to the crash. if you can't remember them just go back to my guide and follow that
  2. Will let you both know when its ready c;
  3. spammed to zero

    you did???? and omg its my rere <3 I've missed you
  4. spammed to zero

    I upvoted you dear. Hopefully they caught them c;
  5. spammed to zero

    Lol? I don't need your herbs. You called me a liar and I was willing to back up my statement of buying blue herbs for 5k each. Not my fault other people didn't like your posts
  6. B> Blue herbs 5k each ♡ S> Ranked Blue potions 10k each Hit me up on Erelyn in game c; Thankies to all my lovelies selling me herbs and buying potions ♡
  7. What are you on about. Someone already sold me the herbs so whoever did thankies <3
  8. Cough em up bic boi i got 250mil waiting for ya https://rebirthro.com/market2/Loki/Crafting/Herbs/510
  9. I generally buy them for 5k each.
  10. Thanks to all those that have purchased from me in the last weeks ♥ Should be more active now so just shoot me a pm in game, on here or discord if you need pots c;
  11. Sure, sorry for the late reply. White Slims? Of course you may order some c;
  12. Thankies to: Chances are x2 Sasa x2 White Jade x2 Sir Perdono x2 Ai and Chester ♥ x7 @[email protected] still working on it dis new market is eh EverHard Jilly & Greg Yerdaone x3 Silvermist For Buying! <3
  13. Slim White potion orders complete. Blues next ♥ @Chances are I'm low on my stocks for speeds. So I don't have that for the moment until I can restock