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  1. bump, still selling n buying
  2. Red tie is a costume?0.0...
  3. I agree with this post......+1 enough said...=P
  4. Well theres a reason why theres a 'box' word behind it, no permanent comes in a box.
  5. I am~but i dont live in malaysia ...haha...heya lon3...*wing scarf*
  6. bump
  7. It does affect ALL race, i tested it back then, it affects both player and mobs
  8. Other than trying to patch up, i think the only way would be to download the whole installer again and perform a full patch again?usually thats what i do
  9. , besides... I dont think its gonna cause any imbalance to the server or game right?lol, just makes everything more convenient...hehe
  10. Instead of 1 item everytime we talk to the npc, can we make it like a normal buying process from npc like for example buying 1-10 piece of a certain item and not have to click everytime to get just ONE item at a time? Just a suggestion